Saturday, 24 March 2012

University of Mumbai's Ph.D. ENTRANCE TEST (MARCH-APRIL 2012)

University of Mumbai has announced schedule for PhD entrance examination as per the following details:

Faculty of Arts, Commerce, Science, Law and Technology.

 Date and Time of Entrance Test:- Saturday,28th April,2012 at 11.00 a.m. to 02: 00 p.m.Starting Date for acceptance of Application Form: - 22nd March, 2012.
Last Date for acceptance of Application Form: - 13th April, 2012 up to 2.30 p.m.
 - As per the Ordinances O.5473, O.5474, O.5476 of the University of Mumbai as mentioned in the VCD No. Exam./Thesis/ Univ./VCD/ 2414 of 2010 (Refer Annexure - I for VCD & Annexure - II for UG-441 of 2005 Circular)
Registration fees along with Application Form:- A Demand Draft in the name of 'Finance & Accounts Officer' of the University of Mumbai or in cash of Rs.1000/- for General Category and Rs.500/- for Reserved Category as mention in VCD.Syllabus for the Entrance Test: - The various topics included in the compulsory/core papers at Post Graduate Degree level programme in the respective Research Subject of the University of Mumbai. (ReferAnnexure - III for the list of Research Subjects).Exemption from test:As mentioned in clause No.9 of said VCD (Refer Annexure - I for VCD) The Exempted Candidates shall submit their application on or before 14th May,2012 directly to the concerned research centre as per clause No.11.1(a).(In case of any doubt candidate may contact to Thesis Section). 
     The details of subject wise vacancy position of Ph.D. sets along with the Recognized Research Center and guiding teachers are shown in the Annexure-IV. However, the number of vacancy may change due to transfer of guiding teacher from one Institution to another Institute (Refer Annexure - IV for details.) 
     The candidates can download the Application Form for the said Entrance Test from the University website and submit it along with the attested photocopy of previous Educational Qualification and work experience certificates (if any) to the Room No.129, First Floor, Thesis Section, Fort Campus of the University on or before 13th April, 2012 up to 2: 30 p.m. ( refer Annexure - V  for Application Form)    
     The Pre Ph.D. Course work is mandatory except for those who have been granted exemption as per U.G.C. rules and regulations which are mentioned in the VCD No. Exam./Thesis/ Univ./VCD/ 2414 of 2010 dated 18th November, 2010  
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