Thursday, 22 March 2018

Email Account of Media School Head Hacked

Email account of a senior journalist colleague and now Head of a media school has been hacked. I (and others like me) received the following message:

I am presently outside the country. Just got to know from a senior colleague of mine that her daughter is to undergo surgery (C/S) and they are already short of funds. Sorry to be bothering you with this, but obviously there's no one or nothing to turn to at this point. She has been a mentor throughout my academic life and I would not turn my back on someone who has been a mother figure. I have asked and the hospital would only proceed once a bank transfer has been validated by their bank. 
I have tried using my internet banking options with ICICI Bank but the system keeps denying the transaction probably because I'm outside India and can not get the OTP for the transfer. Please I will need you to help me with the transfer through immediate payment service (IMPS) or (via bank deposit or RTGS / NEFT) from your end as a loan and I shall have the money returned once I am back home by the evening of Mar. 26th (Monday). I will like to know if you can help with this so I can send the required details.
P.S.  Required funds for the surgery amounts to Rs 37,800/- (But please transfer Rs 40,000/- just in case of miscellaneous).

I cross-checked through colleagues using a couple of calls.  It was confirmed that everything was fine.
I asked the victim of the hacking to change the password to her email account. 

It now appears that some others have received the similar messages.

Please pass on the alerts to your groups and individual contacts. 

Kiran Thakur 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Seminar On Media and Governance at Burdwan

One day National Seminar
Media and Governance
March 29, 2018
Department of Mass Communication
University of Burdwan
Burdwan, West Bengal

Call for Paper:

The term Governance has become a buzzword across disciplines, policy makers and the practitioners in the recent times. While it remains yet a conceptual confusion, however, much of the disciplines and policy makers have engaged with the term in their respective field. To be specific, the field of media is not left untouched in the recent years. Governance provides a fresh perspective to engage with media and engaging media in other spheres of social life.
Media scenario today transcends geography and national boundaries. In an era of liberalization and globalization, the question of media needs to address issues of jurisdiction, regulation and different stakeholders engaged in making and managing media. Conventional issues of development and communication need scrutiny as well as renewed engagement. Along with decline of state subsidy and the shift from welfare provision to neoliberal vision of state, questions of communication needs to engage with questions that are posed not only by the state but also by other stakeholders. These questions are not only posed within media but also allows rethinking about our way of extending media to other spheres of governance because the neoliberal conditions compel us to rethink about less government and more governance.
The proposed one day national seminar will engage in deliberations on the conceptual issues related to media Governance, various actors and agencies engaged in media Governance, new instruments of policies and institutions engaged in media Governance and finally role of media in the various spheres such as environment, health, gender, population(youth and ageing) and Urban governance, transparency, accountability. In a rapidly changing world, where media has come to occupy and permeate the entire spectrum of human activity a critical understanding of media, governance and culture and the interplay between them becomes difficult without an intensive analysis of media studies and more specifically an interdisciplinary discussant forum. The forthcoming National Seminar will try to generate that platform.

Major Themes-
·         Democracy and media- current issues
·         Accountability and transparency in administration and role of media
·         Digitalization of public administration service-problem and prospect
·         Rural administration-role of media
·         Spheres of Governance and message design for media content

Guidelines for Call for Paper:

Full paper  ( for ISBN  Publication )
14 pt, Times roman, bold , centre
14 pt, Times roman, bold , centre
12 pt, Times roman, bold,  left align
12 pt, Times roman, bold,  left align
12 pt, Times roman,  1.5 space, justified
12 pt, Times roman,  1.5 space, justified
Name of author/s
11 pt, Times roman, bold , centre
11 pt, Times roman, bold , centre
Designation / email address and mobile no  of the author/s
11 pt, Times roman, normal , centre
11 pt, Times roman, normal , centre
APA style
Word limit
 should mention the research problem, methodology and major findings
Approx 3000
Max 5,
11 pt, Times roman, bold ,italic, left align
Last date of submission
18th March

18th  March, 2018
##Please follow these guidelines  accordingly

·         Registration fees: Rs 500/- ( five hundred )

Contact persons:
Convenor, National Seminar Organising Committee
Department of Mass Communication
University of Burdwan, Golapbag
Burdwan_ 713104, West Bengal 
03422658517 (off); 9051355065 (mob) ; 943381724(mob)

·         Dr. Saswati Gangopadhyay (Director, National Seminar)

·         Mr. Rajesh Das & Mr. Mugdha Sengupta ( Jt. Convenor)

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Call for papers by Amity Journal of Media and Communication Studies

Volume 8 Number 1

ISSN 2231-1033

User Generated Content and the Social Media Environment: Issues and Approaches 

Buffer released their 2018 social media report recently with ten key findings. The major findings stress on User-generated content (UGC) that can help drive reach and engagement. This is possible with the liberation of technology and policies. The popularity of smart phones, high speed 4G connection and growth in media literacy gave more power to user in participation and engagement. When the power control shifted from media producers (owners) to users, the whole social media environment needed to be revisited. This is not to prove that social media never gave space for users but on users and the content produced by them started becoming game changers. This is not to outstate the dangers in accuracy and fairness of media content. The collaboration of content producers and users are also a interesting angle in understanding the approach.

From this viewpoint, Amity Journal of Media and Communication Studies seek papers from scholars in media and communication studies. The sub themes of the issue are as follows:
  • User Generated Content and news production
  • Fake news and social media
  • Audience research trends in social media
  • Social media and journalism
  • Viral video and social media
  • Ethics and professionalism in UGC
  • UGC: Cases from India
  • UGC: Cases from World
  • Viral videos on YouTube and Smule
  • Policies of Social media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Media Start-ups and content
  • Piracy and copyright issues of content
Full submission: March 31, 2018

Final decision on Paper: April 20, 2018

Expected Publication: June 1, 2018

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

प्रा. सुजाता शेणई यांना श्रीमती ना. दा. ठाकरसी विद्यापीठाक़डून पीएच.डी.

पुणे – प्रा. सुजाता शेणई यांना श्रीमती ना. दा. ठाकरसी विद्यापीठाक़डून नुकतीच पीएच.डी. प्राप्त झाली. त्यांनी `सुर्वे, महानोर व ग्रेस यांची कविता : विशेष अध्ययन ` हा प्रबंध सादर केला होता. ज्येष्ठ समीक्षक डॉ. रेखा इनामदार-साने यांनी मार्गदर्शन केले.

प्रा. सुजाता शेणई या येथील मराठवाडा मित्रमंडळाच्या वाणिज्य महाविद्यालयात अध्यापक आहेत. तसेच त्या महाराष्ट्र राज्य माध्यमिक व उच्च माध्यमिक शिक्षण मंडळाच्या `युवकभारती`अकरावी (मराठी) साठी सहनिमंत्रक म्हणून कार्यरत आहेत. 


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Veteran Journalist Prof Dr N K Trikha passed away in a hospital in Delhi on January 15, 2018. He was 82.
He had worked in senior positions in the Times of India group for 29 years as Editor, Senior Assistant Editor, Special Correspondent, Diplomatic Representative, and a columnist of the Narbharat times from 1963 onwards. He has written 4500 articles published in practically all the noted English and Hindi periodicals of repute.
I met him quite late in the day but I have been aware that he had been a towering personality in the field of journalism covering all the major political events and crisis in India and Nepal. Prof Trikha was a regular presenter of news and features over Radio and Television. His books have been good sources of information and knowledge for journalists, journalism teachers and politicians alike.
Prof. Nikha was a source of inspiration for media schools. He was a pillar of strength for the academic institutions like the Makhanlal Chatruvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal. He has penned valuable books such as on Reporting. He was the Chief Editor and Chairman of the Hindustan Samachar. He has been twice a member of the Press Council of India, Member, National Wage Board for Working Journalists, and Secretary, Lok Sabha Speakers’ Press Advisory Committee.
We indeed lost a veteran journalist and an activist working for us the journalism professionals and media teachers. kt

Friday, 19 January 2018

Third edition of हाकारा।hākārā is launched

Following from Dr Ashutosh Potdar:

We are happy to announce the launch of third edition of हाकारा।hākārā: आता\Now.We are grateful to our contributors, readers, viewers across the globe for their fantastic support!
‘आता।Now’ edition covers a wide range of forms, genres of writing in Marathi and English across diverse practices and contexts:

Fiction: Haruki Murakami, Ashutosh Potdar, Avishkar Ravindra, Shrenik Mutha, Aarati Ranade &  Maitreyi

Drama: Ramu Ramanathan,Omkar Govardhan

Poetry: Shrikant Deshmukh, Ankita Anand, Ritika Prasad, Mangesh Narayanrao Kale, Rhea Nath, Chanakya Vyas, Medha Singh, Sagar Deshmukh,

Visual Narrative: Prajakta Potnis, Kush Kukreja, Anjana Kothamanchu, Eva Bubla, Sarita Chouhan.

Reviews: Amit Dharwadkar On Barometer, Mithul MT on Annual Display of SN School of Arts, Ashutosh Potdar on Shrikant Deshmukh’s “Bolave Te Amhi..”

Essays: Rashmi Sawhney on Cinema and History, Sach Wry on ‘Now’, Peter Brigg’s reflections of artistic practice.

Do give us your feedback.

Submit your work for our new edition on खळबळ/Chaos.

Please visit for more details.

Ashutosh Potdar & Noopur Desai
Editors, हाकारा।hākārā

(हाकारा।hākārā is a peer-reviewed bilingual journal of creative expression published in Marathi & English.)

Dr Ashutosh Potdar
Associate Professor,
FLAME University,


Pune-412115 (India)

Tel: +91-20-67906133

Mobile : +917387005358
My Blog:
Journal Website:

Monday, 8 January 2018

Vacancies of Research Assistants/Associates at MICA

Following is from Mr Rahul Gadekar ( ) ,

There are vacancies of Research Assistants/Associates in Communication Area of MICA. These are contractual positions those can be renewed every year till three years. 
Interested candidates can send their CVs to

at the earliest.