Sunday, 18 March 2012

Media Watch latest issue: good quality reference source

Let me congratulate the Centre for Communication Studies, Puri, Odisha,  for its January-June 2012 issue of Media Watch. It is only the third volume and it has brought in better quality of contents that will be useful to researchers, teachers and students. With Prof J V Vil’anilam, the former Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala, as Guest Editor, the editorial team has been able to rope in veteran media teachers to contribute.
It has articles and papers by Mira K Desai, N N Pattnaik, Pitabas Pradhan, Lakhsmi Lund, P E Thomas, G Anita, Charulata Singh, Mirnal Chatterjee, G P Pandey, Charu Joshi, VR Ravathy, I Arul Aram, Vijaykumar Meti, Suresh Jange, Van Robots and Mark Goodman. I have not yet gone through the entire issue, but have read the articles on Paid News because this is one of my interest areas. These articles I found to be useful to several scholars who have taken up different facets of this malaise in English and non-English newspapers in the country.  
I have earlier pointed out in this blog that communication and journalism schools in India have now the benefit of half-a-dozen research journals. These provide good opportunity to the teachers and scholars to publish their research papers and also as a platform to interact. The Media Watch is indeed among such journals. If you have not yet subscribed to Media Watch, I recommend that you do it now as a good reference source.
The address:

The Editor
Media Watch
Centre for Communication Studies
SCS College Road, Near Amala Club
Puri 752001 Odisha


Editor: Dr R C Pattnaik, Honorary Editor: Dr S N Pattanik, Managing Editor: S K Biswal, and Editorial Coordinator: S B Nayak


nandini said...

vPlease post me the journal or its e content

Kiran Thakur said...

Many thanks. Please contact the journal via e-mail or at the address mentioned in the blog post.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir

डॉ. देवव्रत सिहं said...

Rightly said Prof. Thakur,
I have also see last two issues of Media Watch and I am impressed that the quality control over the content and presentation is very high.