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Mrinal Chatterjee's History of Journalism in Odisha

Odishare Sambadikatara Itihasa 
(History of Journalism in Odisha)

Author: Mrinal Chatterjee

Year of Publication: 2015
No. of Pages 400. crown size
Price: Rs 550/-
Address of the Publisher: 
Sephali Communications, Sanchar Marg, 
Dhenkanal 759 001 

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Preface                                                                                                                                                Foreword
1.      The Beginning
2.      Early years of Journalism in Odisha
3.      Pre-independence era
4.      Post-independence early years
5.      Swinging Eighties and expanding Nineties
6.      The first decade of the new millennium and beyond
7.      English and other Language Journalism in Odisha
8.      Audio-visual Media in Odisha:
a.       Radio
b.      Television                                                                                                       
9.      New Media Journalism
10.  News Agencies
11.  Journalism Education
12.  Journalists’ Associations                                                                             
13.  Women in Journalism                                                                                  
14.  Journalism in specialized fields
a.       Business Journalism
b.      Entertainment Journalism

c.       Sports Journalism
15.  Photojournalism
16.  Cartoon and Cartoonists
17.  Column
18.  The Stalwarts
19.  District wise History
         20. Politics and Journalism 
21.  Present Trend
22.  Future of Journalism in Odisha
Appendices                                                                                                                                     Bibliography                                                                                                                                     Index


Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee
Professor and Head
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)
Sanchar Marg, Dhenkanal 759 001, Orissa, India. |

Journalist-turned-media academician, Mrinal Chatterjee (born-1961) is a complete media person who has worked in almost all media with élan.
He did his Masters in Mass Communication, Public Administration and English. He did his PhD from Berhampur University in 2007. He received two weeks trainer’s training on ‘Conflict Reporting’ by Thomson Foundation in Cardiff, Wales at Cardiff, Belfast and London from 28 January-12 February, 2006.        
He started his career as a Lecturer in English in 1983, joined Sambad, an Odia daily in 1984 as sub-editor and became Edition-in-Charge of its North Odisha edition in December 1996. As a journalist Mr. Chatterjee has written extensively on Environment. He has been awarded the prestigious K.K.Birla Foundation Fellowship (1996) and Journalist Fellowship by Centre for Science and Environment (1991 and 1992).
He joined Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Dhenkanl as Associate Professor in February 1999. He became Professor and Head of the Eastern India campus of IIMC located in Dhenkanal, Odisha in June 2008.
Dr. Chatterjee has published four books on Journalism and Mass Communication including his seminal work History of Journalism in Odisha. He has published over two dozens of papers and articles in national and international journals.
Dr. Chatterjee is also a very popular columnist. He writes several columns in English and Odia. An accomplished fiction writer, he has published five novels and four short story collections and has won many awards for his creative writing.
He has extensively worked in radio and television. He has written the story and screenplay of many successful tele-serials and anchored many radio and television programmes.

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