Friday, 30 January 2015

Awards for the best written article on Mental Health.

Following from Mr. Sashi Nair of Vidura: 

The Press Institute of India and the Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF) have just announced the third edition of the SCARF–PII Media for Mental Health Awards for the best written article on Mental Health.
If you have a published article which addresses the importance of mental health or disorders of the mind, or stigma and discrimination persons with mental disorders are subject to, or any subject dealing with positive mental health, then please share it with us.
The first prize is worth Rs 10,000, the second Rs 6,000, and the third Rs 4,000.
Entries should be sent by the 15th of April. The results will be announced in May. The article should have been published in an Indian national or regional newspaper or magazine between January and December 2014, in English or in any Indian language.
Those applying will have to produce proof of the article having been published. If the article is in an Indian language, the English translation should be provided, else the entry will be rejected. The decision of the jury will be final. Only one entry per journalist is permitted.
Entries with name, address and other details can be sent to or to the Schizophrenia Research Foundation, R/7A, North Main Road, Anna Nagar (West Extension), Chennai 600101. For more details you may call: +91-9003778038, or 044- 2615 1073 / 2615 3971. Please visit www.scarfindia.orgor for more details.

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