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Book on Public Relations and Corporate Communications

Dr. Neemo Dhar

Dr. Neemo Dhar has been in the field of Public Relations and Communications for the last 30 years. She was Director (Public Relations) for 15 years and subsequently Commissioner (Public Relations) and at present Advisor (Public Relations) in Delhi Development Authority.  Prior to joining DDA she looked after the work of publications and public relations in the cooperative sector. During her tenure as a communication expert she has written a number of articles and research papers on varied subjects such as public relation, communication, image management etc.

          A double post graduate, she has done Phd. in Journalism and Public Relations from Kurukshetra University under the guidance of Prof. Kuthiala. Her thesis on “Perception Management and Public Relations in DDA” has been appreciated at many forums. 

          Apart from working in the field of communication, she has been teaching as guest / visiting faculty at many schools of Communication and Management in Delhi for the past 15 years.

Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Dr. Neemo Dhar

© Makhanlal Chaturvedi 
National University of
Journalism and 
Communication,  Bhopal

First Edition: 2014

Price :175/-

Makhanlal Chaturvedi 
National University of
Journalism and 
Communication, Bhopal

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ISBN - 978-81-921355-9-5


Preface 1
1. Public Relations 3 
1. Defining Public Relations, its nature, scope and need; 
2. Dimensions and functions of Public Relations; 
3. Basic elements, common misconceptions; 
4. PR, publicity, propaganda and public opinion

. History of Public Relations 24 

1. Trace the historical evolution of Public Relations 
from its American beginning to present day 
practice in India. 
the concept of Public relations. 

2. Trace the Contribution of leaders in refining 
3. Major examples which led to the evolution of PR. 
4. History of Public Relations in India
3. Principles of Public Relations 37 
1. Principles of Pulic Relations. 

2. Truth and Service 
3. PR as a two way communication 
4. Persuasive Communication

4. The Process of ‘Public Relations’ 47 
1. The various steps through which the Public Relations works. 
2. Steps involving planning and implementation 
3. Case Studies to understand the PR process. 
4. ‘Public’s in Public Relations 
5. Strategic Public Relations

5. Public Relations in Various Sectors 66 

1. Varied ‘Publics of PR. 
2. PR in various sectors. 
3. PR in Govt. Sector & ‘Public sector’. 

4. PR in Private & Non Govt. sector. 

5. PR in Co-operative sector.

6. Public Relations Tools 82 

1. To acquaint with various PR tools 
Public Relations and Corporate Communication/5
2. Tools for external communication 
3. Tools of internal communication 
4. Social Media and Public Relations 
5. Use of Technology in Public Relations

7. Types of Public Relations 98 
1. Importance of Audiences in PR 
2. What are different types of Public Relations 
3. Tools used for PR in various types 
4. Target Audience in various types of Public Relations 
5. Employee – Employer relations, media relations, stakeholders relations

8. Public Relations and Crisis Management 121 

1. To understand crisis and various types of crisis 
2. Importance of communication during crisis 
3. The role of Public Relations in Crisis 
4. Steps to be taken in Crisis

9.Communication & PR Communication    134 
1. Understanding communication and process of 
2. 7C’s of communication, PR communication & its 7C’s 
3. Different forms of communication, dimensions, channels 
4. How to be an effective PR communicator 
5. Non verbal communication, PR & non verbal communication

10. Corporate Communication 160 
1. Similarity & differences in PR &
2. Campaigns-planning management and execution. 
3. Corporte identity and image. 
4. Brand & brand Promotion.

11. Laws and Ethics in Public Relations 185 
1. To create awareness regarding laws & Ethics 
2. Various Laws applicable in Indian context 
3. Right to Information & Role of PR 
4. To acquaint with the Ethics of PR conduct 
5. Ethics being followed in other countries and India
communication, definition of communication 
Corporate Communications. 

Public Relations and Corporate Communication/6


shikha jugiani said...

Marvelous..there is scarcity of books related to PR...and your valuable contribution will b really helpful for mass communication and public relation student as well concerned person..thanx a ton for introducing the book

Yow Peter Raiphea said...

I would like to get a copy of it. it seems to be unavailable online. Kindly help. I live in shillong

Yow Peter Raiphea said...

I would like to have a copy. It seems to be unavailable online. kindly help. I am from shillong city

Anonymous said...

How to get a copy of this book.Kindly furnish the address and contact number of the publisher
Narayanan,Sr.PRO,DMRC,Kochi Metro Project@09400000150