Friday, 2 January 2015

Media Book Information section

Dear Colleagues,

Indian media teachers and students often complain that there are no good books that cover the syllabuses of journalism and communication courses with Indian perspective. 

Publishers and distributors from metros and large cities do no reach Communication and Journalism colleges and departments with their books. I had experienced this myself when I was head of the department in University of Pune until 2007. 

Many heads and principals do not realise that the situation is gradually changing.  There are Indian authors who have been writing important, useful books, yet the teachers are not aware about this.
To overcome this situation, I propose to publish brief information about such books. You are most welcome to mail me titles of such books, photo of cover pages,  tables of contents, and info about the authors. To begin with, this blog will cover only Indian communication and journalism books in English and Hindi. 

Do please send me the info in MS Word 12, Times New Roman, single space, justified. (Any unicode font for the Hindi text.)  

Note please that this is purely a voluntary, not-for profit initiative. In other words, there is no charge for the publication.

Please write to the publisher, distributors, or authors on the contact details provided in the blogpost. Please appreciate that it will not be possible for me to entertain any correspondence in this respect. 

Please send me your comments and suggestions at:

Kiran Thakur


shikha jugiani said...

Thanx a lot Dr.kiran Thakur mam...really appreciated effort...there is really scarcity of Indian journalism books..

nilambar rath said...

Dear Dr. Thakur,

It is true that many media teachers and HODs might not be aware about many good books being written by journalists and communication specialists. Your initiative should help both now.

I appreciate the initiative.


- Nilambar Rath
Editor-in-Chief, Odisha Live