Thursday, 19 January 2017

Marathi book for UGC SET.NET. PET exams

I am delighted to inform you that a Marathi book titled
UGC SET.NET. PET for Communication and Journalism has been launched this week. The authors are Prof. Dr. Sudhir Bhatkar, Department of Communication and Journalism, North Maharashtra University, and Prof. Vinod Nitale, Head of the department, Communication and Journalism, Moolji Jaitha College affiliated to the University.
 I am delighted because not many books are available in Communication and Journalism, more so in Marathi. There has been no book available for students who wish to prepare themselves for examination for NET, SET and PET.
I am happy to note that this book has been published in a district down of Maharashtra, Jalgaon, and not in Mumbai, Pune or Nagpur which seem to have a monopoly in the publication of the academic books.  
Equally important for me is the fact that Jalgaon is my hometown!

Prof. P P Patil, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, released the book for publication at an informal function.

Congratulations to the authors!

The book has been published by Prashant Publications. Pages: 388Price: Rs. 325.00

Contact them at 
Prof. Dr. Sudhir Bhatkar: 
Prof. Vinod Nitale: 
Prashant Publications.



Prof. Dr. Sudhir Bhatkar


Prof. Vinod Nitale

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