Friday, 6 January 2017

Following from Mr. B N Kumar and Mr. Balasubramanya A.S.

We are glad to inform you that Public relations Council of India (PRCI), the premier organization of PR, advertising, media and HR professionals and academicians, will hold its 11th Global Communication Conclave on March 3 to 5, 2017 at Bengaluru.
The theme for the 11th Global Communication Conclave is:DISRUPTION?
Be it the media, communication, Politics, Economy, Science, Religion, Education, Energy, Health, relationships and even the way we Think – it seems to be disruption that is impacting our lives at every step.
The question mark with the theme is deliberate – to make all of us think, ask ourselves and, probably, come to a conclusion in this Manthan - the churning of thoughts.

As a prelude to the Conclave, we at PRCI are organizing a World Case Study Contest with the following options:

For Indian Communication Professionals

  1. Demonetisation: Pain or Gain?
Everybody is talking about it because each and everyone of us is impacted by it. Please analyse the issue, its impact and the communication aspects related to it
  1. Ecological Crisis – Its forever?
Are we as communicators effectively dealing with the environment, sustainability, CSR in a responsible way? Re we as communicators losing track and resort to mere lip service or cosmetic communication?
  1. Swachh Bharat – fad or reality?
Has the communication hit the right target? Have communicators taken it up as a big challenge and dealt with it? Or was it left out as a political gimmick? Analyse success/failures attached with the drive.
  1. Financial Inclusion – On right track?
This is a much talked about issue for ages. From Garibi Hatao to Pradhan Sevak, all successive governments have been talking about it. Let’s do a reality check and how and where communication can play a role

For International Communication Professionals:

  1. Disruption – A global Phenomenon?
After the social media invasion, Disruption seems to have become a buzzword all over. I it for real or disruption is just another fad or misused word. Whatever it is, isn’t disruption impacting us at every step? For instance, Obama disrupted the way Americans voted, Brexit did disrupt European relations, terrorism is disrupting world economies. So, let’s discuss the impact and the role of communicators in understanding disruption and getting over it.
  1. India – Expectations from an emerging Global Super Power
India has emerged as a new investment destination thanks to its democracy, political stability and above all open window policies. Yet, critics say its miles to go for India before it emerges as an economic super power. What is that the world expects of India. Is India doing the right communication? Are the right signals going out? Please analyse all aspects and post your case study.

  • Please pick up a subject of your interest and send in a case study that fits into a ten-slide (yes, just ten crisp slides) ppt presentation.
  • Please also send in the study in Word format with proper heads for possible printing in PRCI Case Study Book.
  • Top entry in each category will be picked up by an independent jury.
  • The winning entries will be presented by the contestants at the Conclave on March3/4, 2017.
  • These and few other case studies picked by the jury will be published in a special compendium – PRCI Case Study Book 2017.
  • PRCI hopes that the compendium will serve as a good reference material for communication professionals as well as mass communication and management tudents.
  • The decision of the jury will be final and binding on all contestants and no further enquiries will be entertained.
So, what are we waiting for? Just switch on your computers and start banging!

Please clearly mark the subject as: PRCI Case Study Contest 2017

The deadline for receiving the entries at PRCI is: January 31, 2017.

Please send your entries to:

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