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हाकारा । hākārā : a bi-lingual journal of creative expression

Following from Dr Ashutosh Potdar,
I am glad to share with you that we are initiating an online bilingual journal of creative expression, हाकारा । hākārā. With a thematic focus for each issue, the journal will be published in English and Marathi.
We plan to publish our first issue in April 2017 on the concept of Memory/आठवण. Please see the concept note along with an appeal for our first issue below.
I take this opportunity to invite you to contribute to हाकारा । hākārā through your critical writings, art works, fiction, videos or any other form that you may like to explore. Also, it would be great if you could help us spread the word by circulating this email among your students, friends and associates.
I look forward to your contribution and support in this endeavour.


हाकारा  hākārā a bi-lingual journal of creative expression

हाकारा । hākārā

//: (m) हाकबोलावणे;
a call, a general or a great and continued calling

Our contemporary lives and actions have been radically influencing expressions of writing, image-making and publicizing. Conversely, the production, consumption and circulation of expressions have influenced the aesthetics, politics and networking today. With hākārā, our aim is to explore and practice newer ways of producing and appreciating creative expressions while encouraging dialogue between different fields of expressions. Considering a rich and diverse body of creative work, we’ll focus on creative and critical writing in Marathi and English across literary and visual forms of expressions.

In keeping with this focus, hākārā will be published online in freely accessible and interactive format by focusing on the area that may help us address the diversities and the synergies implicit in literary and visual cultures.

The hākārā editors would be interested in the sharing of research, speculations, literary and visual work presented innovative ways that responds to current debates while being attentive to the nuanced understanding and interconnectedness of content, form and society. We particularly encourage innovative nature of literary and visual images, critical artistic practices and developments that inform the contemporariness of the medium (and its pasts and futures), as well as the formal qualities of words and images in changing contexts.

| hākārā | Appeal for Call 1 |

Memory | आठवण

For ‘Call 1’ to be published in April, hākārā would focus onMemory/आठवण.
Another moment, another day, another year passes by. But, merely running handles of the clock on the wall do not signify time passed or memories gained. Not only a new year celebration or birthdays inspire us to look back or ahead, or make us lament and predict. A broken eye-glass frame, a rusted bicycle bell, a signature on a yellowed pages from family archive, the haunting past of hierarchies, a video-recording of instigating speech by a political leader, the handbills of a play of the bygone era, the unwanted memory of filthy touch in a public space, a photograph of a public garden after the bust of a writer was pulled out, or a junked mobile-handset...They make us live and re-live the memory.

Still, we get baffled when it comes to answering: how do we perceive the time that has ‘passed over’? How do we form and retrieve memories? How do we understand memories that are baggages of something other than clocked-moment fashioned in linearity?   

If you are a fiction writer, poet, visual artist, critic, photographer, translator or a curator; you are invited to send your work in English and/or Marathi in response to Memory /आठवण, as you may perceive it. You may send your work byFebruary 15, 2017 to editors.haakara@gmail.com. Select works will be published in the forthcoming issue of हाकारा ।hākārā.

Ashutosh Potdar & Noopur Desai
Editors, हाकारा । hākārā

Ashutosh Potdar is a writer and a scholar writing in Marathi and English. He is a faculty of literature and drama at FLAME University, Pune.

Noopur Desai is an art critic and researcher writing in Marathi and English. She is a doctoral student of visual arts studies.

Dr Ashutosh Potdar
Associate Professor,
FLAME University,


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