Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Medieval History Journal—Now a ‘SAGE owned’ Journal!

The Medieval History Journal—Now a ‘SAGE owned’ Journal!
10 July 2015: SAGE Publications is pleased to announce that the prestigious Medieval History Journal, published in association with the Medieval History Society is now a SAGE owned journal.

The contract was recently signed between Prof. Harbans Mukhia, President MHJ Society, Mr. Vivek Mehra, MD and CEO, SAGE Publications India and Prof. Rajat Dutta, Secretary MHJ Society.

The Medieval History Journal
 was launched seventeen years ago when the world of history was in ferment, radically seeking a redefinition of the discipline. For the MHJ, 'Medieval History' signifies open chronological and thematic boundaries to honor historical plurality. Its frequent special issues investigating a particular theme across regions have provided a space for comparative and transcultural conversations within scholarship.

“The chief characteristic of the Medieval History Journal, launched in 1998, was that it encompassed the entire medieval universe with ever expansive space, time and themes. Today we merge with the SAGE family, secure, excited and hopeful of being part of a massive academic endeavor",
 says Prof. Mukhia.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vivek Mehra, said “It has always been a privilege working with the editorial board of the Journal and the Medieval History Society and we are delighted to enter a new phase of our association. The Medieval History society has and will continue to be the editorial and strategic driver of this very successful journal”.

Concluding Prof. Mukhia added “Glad to move from a small, nuclear family to a manifold larger, multi-layered SAGE family with a sense of security, excitement and hope”.

Source: http://mhj.sagepub.com/  

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