Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Glossary of Terms for Media Persons

 Prof. Mrinal Chatterji has sent in the following:

M/s Sephali Communications has scheduled to launch its new publication: 

Glossary of Terms for Media Persons
on August four, 2015 the Odisha Journalism Day.. 

Following are the details:

Publisher:         Sephali Communications,
            Sanchar Marg, Dhenkanal 759 001, Odisha 

Pages: 207       Price: Rs 299/-

1.       Print Media Terms
2.       Broadcast Media Terms
3.       New Media Terms
4.       Public Relations (PR) Terms
5.       Advertising Terms
6.       Environmental Terms
7.       Legislative Terms
8.       Legal Terms
9.       Financial and Business Terms
10.     Literary Terms
11.     Scientific Terms
12.     Sports Terms

Like all professions, media too have its special words, terms, expressions and jargons, which persons entering into this field or practicing it, should be familiar with. In course of their professional duty, media persons are often required to report/write on different subjects and knowledge domains, which also have their own terms and jargons. Media persons, more so the new entrants to the profession often find it difficult to decipher the meaning of those terms and expressions.

This book emerged out of the felt need of media students and practitioners. It is an attempt to familiarize media students and practitioners with terms and expressions used in different media and also different specialized subjects (which they often engage with) and to explain its meaning and key concepts, understanding which is absolutely necessary for writing on and about them.

The book contains glossary of terms related to subjects like Print, Broadcast and New Media, Advertising and PR, Science and Environment, Legislature, Law, Economics and Business and Sports.

To make the book useful and reader friendly, all the terms have been elaborated in simple language. Graphics have often been used to explain the terms.

About the Editing and Production Team:

Concept: Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee

Compilation, Research, Additional Input: 

Rajeev Kumar, Sukarna Mondol and Jyotiprakash Mahapatra

Publisher/Distributor: Sephalicommunications@yahoo.com

Available online with www.odikart.com

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