Thursday, 30 July 2015

National Conference on “Print Media and Women” in Delhi

Following from Prof. Daivata Chavan:

National Conference
“Print Media and Women”

4, Patel Marg, Maurice Nagar

A National Conference on “Print Media and Women” is being organised jointly by the Indian Association of Mass Communication (IAMC) and the Department of Political Science, Daulat Ram College on August 12, 2015 at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi.  The objective of the Conference is to provide a forum to discuss the impact of print media on women in India.  Papers are invited on the themes indicated below from interested teachers, research scholars and students:

1.      Portrayal of women by the daily English newspapers.

2.      Portrayal of women by the daily Hindi newspapers.

3.      Portrayal of women by daily newspapers publishing in any Indian language.

4.      Portrayal of women in the English periodical press.

5.      Portrayal of women in Hindi periodical press.

6.      Portrayal of women in periodical press in any Indian language.

7.      Status of working women journalists in the print media including their official position, salary scales, safety measures and mechanism for grievancesredressal regarding social harassment, and welfare programmes.

  Papers should be written in either Hindi or English language but preferably in Hindi as  papers will be published in Hindi only.The word limit should be 2000 to 3000.  Papers presented in English will be translated in Hindi by the editors of the compilation.  All papers and their translations will be the property of the Indian Association of Mass Communication.  

Those participants who are interested in presenting the papers have to register themselves by paying an amount of Rupees 500/- by 5th August 2015. Outstation participants can register themselves on the same day. Abstract papers can be given personally to Dr.Shachi Chawla or can be sent through email at:, latest by August 5, 2015.

No travelling allowance or arrangement for lodging and boarding will be provided.
Certificates for participation and presentation of papers will be given only to the registered participants. 
Founder President IAMC                                             
Mobile: 9811042179                                        

Dr. Shachi Chawla
Department of Political Science
Daulat Ram College
University of Delhi
Mobile: 9527034800

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