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Touching farewell to Balasubramanya

Touching farewell to Dr A S Balasubramanya

I envy  Prof. Dr A S Balasubramanya, the media teacher in Dharwad, who retired recently. The touching farewell he received from his students, present and former, is simply beyond my imagination. In the words of Mr. Raju Vijapur and Basavaraj Kambi, the President, of the Felicitation Committee, it was just wonderful, superb, fantastic, marvelous and touching... 

About 40 photographs Mr Vijapur has attached to his mail show how grand the felicitation was. I have pasted only three of them, but they give us a fairly good idea how the fare was.

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We feel like language is inadequate, words fall short, adjectives are very few, there should have been more punctuation marks to explain how the felicitation to Dr A S Balasubramanya function was. It was just wonderful, superb, fantastic, marvelous and touching... 

Dr A S Balasubramanya, his grand son were taken in a traditional bullock cart and Dollu Kunita procession from his house to the Manasollas Auditorium. The seminar was started half-an-hour late. Mr Sugata Shrinivasaraju (in the first session) and Mr Aminmattoo's (in the second session) speeches were thought provoking. 

Dr A S Balasubramanya's reply to the felicitation was touching. He thanked every student who passed out (and those who discontinued after six months or one year) from the MCJ department for their concern, and love for the department and teachers. He mentioned names of his colleagues in the department and thanked them for their cooperation in running the department. 

Journalist Ravi Belagere's presence in the function was a pleasant surprise to many. He thanked Dr ASB for teaching him a lot (about journalism). Students were craving for handshake, autograph from Mr Belagere.

Interaction with Dr A S Balasubramanya was also meaningful. He gave memento and Abhinandana Granth personally to every past student inviting them on the stage.

A drama and music programme (Hindi old songs) made the audience go down the memory lane.

There was a party for (the past students) those who stayed in Dharwad on Sunday night. The party was jointly hosted by Mr Basavaraj Kambi and Dr Chandunavar.

Here is wishing a very happy and meaningful post-retirement life to Dr Balasubramanya and his wife, from me and all his friends who could not be in Dharwar that day. Kiran Thakur

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