Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Android App on Communication and Media Theories

Dr Mangesh Karandikar, Asst. Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai, has launched Android App on Communication and Media Theories, for the benefit of communication students. It is the first and the ONLY APP OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD, FOR GRADUATE AND POST-GRADUATE MEDIA STUDENTS, and teachers. It is priced at Rs. 100.00 and can be downloaded at 

Here is how Dr Karandikar explains:

The idea behind making this app is to be able to communicate with students and provide them reading material in the equipment they use all the time, their mobile phone. Hopefully, this will encourage more learning. This is the first of its kind app in the world and I am sure it will be of use for all media students and teachers. I request you to download, use it and evaluate it. Please do send in your suggestions for an upgraded version. A lot of theories could be added to make it more comprehensive. Below is the text I have posted on Facebook...... Thanks in advance.

There are so many Communication and Media theories to discuss in the class, that it becomes difficult for the students and sometimes for me too, to keep a track. It is also cumbersome for students to carry large books to revise the theories before their examinations.

I remember, I used to make short notes, sometimes of whole books, to revise just before the exams. But a lot of times, I would lose them and I had to re-do the whole thing again. I decided, that at least my students should find it easier to learn and revise a subject.

I have created an Android App on Communication and Media Theories named EduSanchar. EduSanchar means mobile learning. It is a downloadable app on Google play. The reason for not making a mobile website was that the app can be used offline, even if you are out of network.

It's priced only Rs.100, so students will easily be able to buy it. Do download it and check it out. It is the ONLY APP OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD, FOR GRADUATE AND POST-GRADUATE MEDIA STUDENTS. Today I demonstrated the app in a post-graduate department of media studies and the professor too was impressed, saying that it is a very useful tool for media teachers too. I guess he has already purchased it from Google Play Store.


Here's the link:


Mangesh Karandikar, Ph.D.,
Asst. Professor
Department of Communication and Journalism,
University of Mumbai
Cell No. +91 98692 81084


Nidhi Shendurnikar said...

This is excellent Sir. I am going to share this with my stdeunts.

Anonymous said...

Hello Prof. Thakur, can we request Prof. Karandikar to develop or provide it to someone technically able to develop a version for other mobile platforms, i.e. Windows phone and Apple?


Mangesh Karandikar said...

I am taking the liberty of answering the queries here. Prof. Nidhi Shendurnikar, Thank you. Please do share. A Marathi version will be available very soon.

To the Anonymous commentor, I am working on the Windows and Apple versions too. They will take a little time, as I will have to make some changes. Also, they require a hefty fee, to register as a developer. Will be doing that as soon as possible. But thanks for your interest.

Mangesh Karandikar Ph.D.

Ganesh.Puranik said...

Dear Thakur Sir,
Hearty Thanks for sharing such a pioneering work in Media Education, I am sure the application is surely going to help many like us ..
I must add my heartiest congrats and gratitude for Shri. Mangesh Karandikar Sir and I am sure there are many like me who are waiting for the multiple platform enable English and Marathi version,

Thanks Again,
Ganesh Puranik