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What is Conveyance Document?

What is Conveyance Document?
A leading newspaper has carried a story on July 13, 2012 headlined ‘Lawyers should make conveyance documents.’ I asked two friends if they knew meaning of ‘conveyance document.’ They did not, but thought it could be related to transportation. It is not.
The story explains the meaning  slightly only in the third paragraph as legal documents ‘like sale deeds, mortgage deeds etc.’  
How if it explains in the beginning of the intro itself, something as:
The practise of touts or agents preparing property related legal documents is illegal. The touts or agents should not be allowed to prepare such documents, known as conveyance documents. Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa vice-chairman Ashish Deshmukh made this clear here today.
Compare this with the original intro which was as follows:
The practise of touts or agents preparing conveyance documents is illegal and it should be stopped with immediate effect, said Ashish Deshmukh, vice-chairman of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. The council will request the state government to curb this practice and authorise only lawyers to formally draw up conveyance documents, he added.
The subsequent two paragraphs read:
Deshmukh, who paid a visit to the district and sessions court here on Wednesday, said the council has taken this initiative to prevent people from getting cheated, because in a large number of cases the documents are challenged in the courts for various reasons. The council will hand over a memorandum in this regard to deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar at the state lawyers' conference here on July 14, he added.
Quoting a Supreme Court ruling, Deshmukh said that if a search report prepared by a lawyer is found to be faulty then he/she is liable for action. However, in the case of private persons preparing legal documents, like sale deeds, mortgage deeds, etc, there is no mechanism to keep a tab on their activities. Also, they do not issue any certificate about the genuineness of the document or its content.

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