Sunday, 15 July 2012

Media Watch Journal's new issue published

I hope you remember my earlier post about the Media Watch journal
( I have today received the announcement about the journal’s Volume 3, Number 2 , July-December 2012.
As you can judge yourself from the following contents, the journal continues its tradition to offer a good selection of research papers:

3 Social Media in Family Communication of Teenagers—
A Focus Group Discussion
Titto Varghese
D Nivedhitha

11 Gen 'Y' and New Media—Analyzing the Need for
Parental Mediation in their Use
Rajesh Kumar

16 Internet Mass Medium—Critical Issues in the Era of
Technological Determinism
Barry Nnaane

23 New Media and the Language
Anandita Pan

29 Longitudinal and Descriptive Analysis of Indian
Online Newspapers
Sruthidevi C.T
P. E. Thomas

34 GM Crops and the Press—The Bt Brinjal Controversy in
English and Kannada Newspapers
Shrinidhi Adiga
D. S. Poornananda

44 News Channels Framing the Anti-Dam Protests in
Assam—An Analysis
Syed Murtaza Alfarid Hussain

50 Journalists Perception on Human Rights—
An Empirical Analysis
G. K. Sahu

57 Media Coverage of Crime, Public Perceptions and
Human Rights Violations
R. Subramani
Alwin Rodrigues

62 Press and Human Rights in the Line of Fire in Manipur
K. H. Kabi

65 Science Communication in India—The Moderating
Impact of Socio-Cultural Cognition
Harapriya Padhi
Amarendra Kumar Dash

69 Indian Cinema Turns 100
Deepak Ranjan Jena
For those who have not yet subscribed or read the earlier issues, following are the details of its credits:

Media Watch
July-December 2012
ISSN 0976-0911
Online ISSN 2249-8818
RNI No. ORIENG/2010/31441
Editorial Board
Prof. J S Yadav
Chairman, International Media Institute,
Gurugaon & former Director, Indian Institute
of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi

Prof. B K Kuthiala
Vice-Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi
National University of Journalism &
Communication, Bhopal

Prof. Daya Thussu
Director, Indian Media Centre
Communication & Media Research Institute
University of Westminister, United Kingdom

Prof. M R Dua
Executive Director, Mediatives, Boston, USA
& former Professor, Indian Institute of
Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi

Prof. J V Vil'anilam
Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Kerala

Prof. Kiran Thakur
Adjunct Faculty, Department of
Communication & Journalism, University of

Prof. Jayashree Jethwaney
Indian Institute of Mass Communication
(IIMC), New Delhi

Prof. J S Giri Rao
Department of Mass Communication
Berhampur University, Odisha

Printed, published and owned by
Deepak Ranjan Jena, Kundheibenta Sahi,
Puri-752 001, Odisha and

Edited by
Dr. R C Pattnaik,
Printed at Kalyani Printers, B.J.B. Nagar,
Bhubaneswar, Dist. : Khurdha and
Published at Ramachandi Sahi, S.C.S.
College Road, Near Amala Club,
Puri-752 001, Odisha.

Dr. R C Pattnaik
Honorary Editor
Dr. S N Pattnaik
Managing Editor
S K Biswal
Assistant Editor
S B Nayak
Please contact:
The Editor, Media Watch, Centre for Communication Studies, S.C.S. College Road, Near Amala Club, Puri-752 001, Odisha
E-mail:, Phone/Fax: 06752-220088 Mobile: +91-9439537641 / +91-9437387699

Or to publisher: Mr. Deepak Ranjan Jena

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