Monday, 2 July 2012

Compliments to daily Greater Kashmir

Compliments to the reporter (and the desk) of daily Greater Kashmir for the care to write a story that could be understood by readers everywhere, not in just Jammu and Kashmir. I came across this sentence in its edition of July 02, 2012 (headlined ‘Omar thanks separatists for maintaining peace’):

(Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister) Omar (Abdullah) had an interaction with the civil society members including Imams (prayer leaders) and Khateebs (preachers).

The compliments are for the explanation of the words 'Imams' and 'Khateebs.'  The meanings of the words (prayer leaders and preachers respectively) help the non-Kashmiri and non-Muslim readers understand the context very clearly. The reporter (and the desk) did not presume that every potential reader of the daily knows the words. This is particularly noteworthy because news writers of leading newspapers presume that the readers know what they write.

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