Monday, 8 August 2011

International seminar on global communication and PR in Bangalore on Nov 17 and 18

Received the following from Mr M.B.jayaram, CE & CM Public Relations Council OF India:

An INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR  ON GLOCAL COMMUNICATION and  COMMUNICATION FEST will be organised on November 17 and 18 in Bangalore. It is jointly organised by  Mass Communication Dept, Bangalore University & PRCI,, associated by 12 Universities & 102 Colleges who teach Journalism < &Communication in Karnataka. supported by  Media Academy of Karnataka, & Press Club of Bangalore
The venue is Jnanajyothi Auditorium Bangalore University you are requested to kindly inform all Universities& colleges  coming  under your jurisdiction & your zone to  participate in this  Mega Event.
Since this is one of the biggest EVENT in India you are requested to kindly see that more number of academicians students & members to attend the International seminar.
Kindly log on to the website mentioned below for  submitting the papers & other details
For Public Relations Council OF India

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shivpat said...

Thank u sir, Iam try to attend this seminar & iam send to this to all of my friends & teachers of NMU,SRTMU