Tuesday, 16 August 2011

International Conference on Diversity & Plurality in Media- Reflections of Society in Bhopal

Makhanlal. Chaturvedi National, University of Journalism and Communication, has organised an International Conference on Diversity & Plurality in Media- Reflections of Society, On December 26-27th  2011 in Bhopal.
The foundation of ancient Bhartiya (Indian) civilization is based upon the eternal concept of unity in diversity. To be diverse is the law of nature but there is an element of commonality in every creation. Integral Humanism is a social philosophy that explains the intricacies of human relationship within and outside world. Communication as an essentiality of human behavior and media as its extension has to be diverse in nature and scope.
But the organized media is structured in such a manner that it is conditioned to ignore the spectrum of the diversity and project certain activities, events, thoughts and ideologies more than the other . This does it have the capacity to be objective. Do we live with these aberrations? Or else scholars and media persons should look for alternate structural option?
Conference plans to address the issues related to Diversity and Plurality from an Asian Perspective.
 Proposed Themes
·         Unity in Diversity: Concept and Manifestation
·         Dynamics of Diversity in Media Structures
·         Democracy and Diverse Media Content
·         Ethnic Group and Diversity in Media
·         New Media: Reality and Virtuality
·         Measuring Diversity and plurality in Media
·         Training for Diversity and plurality in Media content
·         Social Exclusion and Media
·         Strategic Communication and Managing Change
·         Defining Role & Function of Media in terms of  Integral Humanism
·         Caste & Class in Media structure & Content
·         Media and Politics of Minorities
·         Social Diversity and its Reflection in Media
·         Ethics in Diversified Communication

Notification inviting abstract (300-400 Words)                    August 30th ,
Deadline for registration                                                      30th September,
Deadline for submitting full papers                                    30th October, 2011

Registration Fee                                                      

till 30th Sept 
After 30th Sept.
Foreign Delegates (With boarding & lodging)
US $500                                    
US $600               
Indian Delegates (With boarding
Rs 8000
Students ( with Boarding &lodging)
Rs 4000
Rs 5000
Indian Delegates (Without boarding & lodging)      
Rs 4000
Rs 5000
Students (Without boarding & lodging)                            
Rs 2000                        
Rs 2500

Travel and Accommodation
Faculty, Post doctoral fellows Research Scholars may avail different kinds of travel grants/ fellowships under various exchange programs to attend the conference.
Many Institutions abroad and in India as well, offer travel grants for the purpose of research, presenting papers or to attend conferences overseas. We wish to well come all those to avail such opportunity to attend the conferences. Over 50 international 150 national delegates would be accommodated in the conference. Hence we would like to invite the enthusiastic scholars, having such grants to visit India and present papers, to submit their abstracts early registration fees (both online).
Submission of abstracts and full papers
Send the abstract and full papers to Prof. Devesh Kishore.  All the abstract are peer reviewed by the experts committee in the respective fields. Only abstracts accepted for presentation would be notified for submitting the final and full papers.
Responsible for organization of Conference
Prof. Dr.Devesh Kishore,
Director International Conference & Professor Research,
Mob. 09871448931,
Registration and Details of Programme:
Dr. Pavitra  Shrivastava,                                                                                      
Makhanlal. Chaturvedi .National, University of Journalism and Communication,
B-38,Vikas Bhawan, Opposite, Dak Bhawan ,Press Complex, Zone-1, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal,M.P.-462011, Mob.09827258572,  e-mail- mcuread.pavitra@gmail.com

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