Monday, 22 August 2011

The Hoot offers research internships for Media students

The Hoot is offering ten short term research internships for students, to be completed between October and December 2011. The last date for applying is September 30.
Proposals should be related to monitoring or studying Indian media, in English or a regional language, print, television or online. Regional media proposals, relating to media catering to regional (state) or language audiences, are especially welcome. For example, any media local to Andhra Pradesh or Gujarat or West Bengal, be it in Telugu or Gujarati or Bengali or English.

Student applicants are advised to pick a narrow, manageable subject of enquiry based on a trend or topic of media coverage they wish to explore. The proposal will have to explain the scope of the study, and the methodology. They can choose any topic related to TV news or entertainment, or any aspect of newspaper or magazine coverage, in a regional language, or in English. They are also encouraged to come up with research topics related to online media. They  can explore a specific query related to social media, or blogs or websites.
Student applicants  should be from a recognized media department  and will have to have an academic supervisor who will guide them both in shaping the proposal and then executing it, if it is selected for the research internship.
For each selected project there will be a first draft deadline, and a final deadline.
There is no specified word length, but the final findings have to be written up in a maximum draft of 2500 words.
These internships are open to graduate, post graduate or PhD students from any part of the country. Completed projects will be published on the Hoot, and  we will pay Rs 10,000 (ten thousand) for them.
Each application must be accompanied with the name and contacts of the academic supervisor, who will be expected to confirm that they will be supervising execution of the project.
The last round of research internships was conducted in the first quarter of 2011, and links are given below to these projects to give some idea of the subjects selected, and the manner of execution. Students are advised to pick manageable topics.
Send your proposals to Deadline for proposals: September 30, 2011.

Links to 2011 student research projects on the Hoot:



Tubu said...

hello sir,
can you please clariky more about this intrened resaerch and can please elaborate on this topic?If you can do that then it will be really beneficail for us.
hoping apositive response,
-Saurav Mukherjee,
S N School of Arts,
Univ.of Hyd.

Kiran Thakur said...

Many thanks. I do not know what more points you need. I suggest please go through the blog post and read the students research papers listed at the end with link to each of them. If you still need info, please write to the Editor of the at

I feel students like you should not miss such opportunities.

All the best.