Monday, 31 August 2015

Media Scene in India: Prof K M Shrivastav is no more

Media Scene in India: Prof K M Shrivastav is no more

Following from Joe Pinto:

Re: the late Prof K M Shrivastav:
Your comment: "When we met last time, he had recently came from Jammu after visiting the centre there. J & K was badly affected by rains and floods. He realised that the students were sitting quiet in the centre. He prompted them to cover the situation and write stories. He told them that such coverage would teach them to be dare devil reporters. As I heard him about the incident, I realised that he was not well at all and asked him to take rest. He would not listen to me and went on to tell me about lack of initiative of the students and teachers of journalism."
My dear Kiran -- "Lack of initiative" is common not only among students and teachers of journalism but also among journalists. Look at the stories they are putting out. I have been exhorting my students, who are senior journalists now to go out into the countryside and do stories on "agrarian distress and farmer suicides". But sadly there is no initiative or interest.
Even the few who ask their seniors if they can go to the villages and do stories are told to do corporate stories and plugs that give TRPs. Look at the over-board coverage of the Indrani case!
And I just heard that Prof MM Kalburgi of Dharwad has been assassinated! After Dabholkar and Pansare, he is the third!

Peace and love,
- Joe.

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