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Journal of Media Watch: Call for Papers: January 2016

Following from Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj

Journal of Media Watch: Call for Papers: January 2016

Media Conglomeration and Technological Monoliths
The giant media corporations of the world are initiating aggressive merging and acquisition strategies to tighten their ownership control and retain their customer base. Takeovers and buy outs in the media industries are becoming the everyday catch phrases in the global stock markets. Along with business strategies and associations, these acquisitions and mergers bring forward technological innovations to tighten the ownership control, increase profit and widen the user experiences for brand loyalties.
Facebook with its new and its acquisition of LiveRail, a San Francisco/ California-based online video advertising company, gate crashed into the blue chip 10 most valued stock club among the Standard & Poor's 500 index listing, whereas Google launched its news data center which is labelled as the power plant for the Internet in Alabama to tap the scribes and monitor the news media under their radar. Along with establishing a 'news lab' that collaborates with journalist and entrepreneurs in providing quality news and information to the world, Google is also on its way to an innovative project - Project Loon - a balloon powered internet (wireless) facility to connect rural and remote areas of the world. NBC is undergoing radical shift and remodeling whereas New York Times' collaboration with Microsoft and Apple for their mobile presence is proving successful with its popularity reaching even the Russian readers. Data and value utilization forms the main target for all of these corporations.
It is at this juncture that the Journal of Media Watch designed its next issue on the broad spectrum of media, mergers and innovations.
We welcome empirical and authentic research papers on the following topics:
  • Media corporatization
  • Technological innovations
  • Media ownership and control
  • Media merging and acquisition
  • Media apps and tagging
  • Geo-location and media positioning
  • Market trends
  • Marketing media products
  • Innovative customer drives
  • Changing social media spectrum
  • Media consumer retention
  • Organization makeshifts
  • Social media world
  • Social media developments
Final date for submission : September 30, 2015
For detail information and submission guidelines, please visit the journal website:
Current Issue: May 2015

Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj
Editor-in-Chief, Media Watch
Department of Communication
MacEwan University,
Edmonton, Canada

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