Monday, 28 July 2014

Media Watch Communication Journal: Call for papers

Media Watch Communication Journal
(ISSN: 0976 0911, e-ISSN: 2249 8818)
(Listed at : SCOPUS, EBSCO, ISI, ProQuest)
Theme: Hurricane Waves of Advertising and Public Relations in Contemporary News Media
The forbidden waves of advertising and public relations are encroaching the sacred territories of news media independence and freedom. Private owned/corporate media are exploring the possibilities of surrogate to mobile advertising. Cat videos to slap stick advertisements are being experimented in between everyday news casting. Cross-media advertising, apps for niche advertising, surrogate advertising on prime time, lobbying for the advertising payments, equities instead of marketing payments, media consultancy services and campaign for private advertisers are becoming the part and parcel of modern day news media revenue generation strategies.
The January 2015 issue of the Journal of Media Watch will explore the intellectual and research expertise of academics and scholars on the above topics.
Your contributions are not limited but can explore more into:
  • Government and political media relations
  • Media relations in international communication
  • Citizen journalism and public relations
  • Political public relations and communication
  • Public communication campaigns
  • Cross-cultural public relations and soft power
  • Lobbying and advocacy; media access, reach and control
  • Corporate social responsibility and public relations
  • Corporate websites and reputation management
  • Advertising and communication in new media
  • News media advertising
  • Surrogate advertising
  • Paid promotional news
  • Ethics and corruption in media relations
  • Mobile and public communication campaigns
  • Role of public relations in society
  • History of public relations in specific sectors
Please read the full information at:
Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Media Watch
St. Thomas University, Florida, USA

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