Friday, 9 August 2013

Vidura to continue in print

Vidura of the Press Institute of India will be available in print in future also. Its director, Mr Sashi Nair, has published the following announcement in its latest issue:

Dear Reader,
In the earlier two issues we had announced that with increasing printing costs, the Press Institute of India, a non-profit organisation, would be compelled to stop publication of the printed edition of
Vidura with effect from the October-December 2013 issue and that the journal would be published only as an e-journal.

However, due to several emails and calls received, asking us to continue with the print edition, and also considering that the journal has appeared almost non-stop since 1963 when the Press Institute
of India was founded, we have decided that we will, albeit with great difficulty, continue to print Vidura.

We thank you for your interest in the journal and for your support.


Thank you, sir. Pressure from your readers and well-wishers only acknowledges Vidura's utility, and also your editorial skills.

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