Saturday, 3 August 2013

Social Media in Business and Governance

Here are the details about the new book of Prof K M Shrivastava, the  senior-most Professor at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi.
Title of the book: Social Media in Business and Governance
Publishers: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Social Media are no longer on periphery of media landscape. In 2012  Olympics and Obama made them part of mainstream media   Businesses have been using them for marketing and Public Relations.  News organisations use them as source of news as well as channels of communication of news and comments. Governments are also using them in different ways.
But there is flip side too. People are careless while using this form of communication and many have got into trouble. Social media are useful in crisis communication, but also have been responsible for crises for companies and public. Businesses, news organisations and Governments have started developing social media policies and guidelines. 
Unlike other books which have come out in last three years that mainly deal with business aspects only; this book puts together varied aspects of social media. Business leaders, policy makers and of course students of communication and business will find it useful.
Chapter 1 Social Media: An Introduction
Chapter 2 Facebook
Chapter 3 LinkedIn
Chapter 4 YouTube
Chapter 5 Pinterest
Chapter 6 Twitter
Chapter 7 Obama and Olympics
Chapter 8 SEO and SMO
Chapter 9 Towards Social Media 2.0
Chapter 10 Policy and Guidelines: Businesses IBM, Intel etc
Chapter 11 Harvard University Guidelines
Chapter 12 Guidelines for News Organisations
Chapter 13 Government Guidelines
 Chaier 14 Social Media and Crisis Communication
Social Media Glossary
Further Readings
About the author
K.M. Shrivastava, a media professional, is now senior-most Professor at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi. He has worked with or contributed to all types of media and visited media organizations and academic institutions in different parts of the world.
He has been looking at evolving communication scenario since early 1990s. As the social media evolved he made it a point to include this phenomenon in course modules.
His earlier books include: News Reporting and Editing (1987, third revised edition 2003 latest reprint 2012), Radio and TV Journalism (1989), Media Issues (1992), Media Towards 21st Century (1998), Broadcast Journalism in the 21st Century (2005),Media Ethics: Veda to Gandhi and Beyond (2005), News Agencies from Pigeon to Internet (2007), Public Relations in the Digital Era (2007), The Right to Information: A Global Perspective (2009)

Contact details:
Indian Institute of Mass Communication
New JNU Campus
New Delhi-110067
Phone: 91-11-26741550
Fax: 91-11-26742462


Mariya John said...

Social Media Marketinghas become a great revolution after the impact of Facebook and other networks. In appearance Fb seems to simple, but for a business it has become the ultimate destination for every Customer to know more about the products and services. So handling the Social Media is a tough process and I think this book will help us to know more about it..

robert daze said...

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