Wednesday, 17 July 2013

History of Journalism in Odisha

Prof Dr Mrinal Chatterjee’s book ‘History of Journalism in Odisha’ is scheduled to be released for publication on 4 August 2013.

It attempts to give a 360 degree view of journalism in Odisha from its beginning in mid 19th century till mid 2013.

It contains 21 chapters including chapters on  
·         New Media Journalism
·         News Agencies
·         Journalism Education
·         Journalists’ Associations
          Women in Journalism                                                                                  
Journalism in specialized fields
·         Business Journalism
·         Entertainment Journalism
·         Sports Journalism
·         Photojournalism
·         Cartoon and Cartoonists
·         Column

In these chapters, the architecture is: world/India/Odisha. 

The book is priced at Rs 450/-. It has 303 pages.

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