Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Admission to the MA (Communication and Journalism), MA (Electronic Media) and MA (Public Relations), University of Mumbai

Following from Dr. Sanjay Ranade, Head, and Associate Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai

Admission forms are available for admission to the MA (Communication and Journalism),  MA (Electronic Media) and MA (Public Relations).

For detailed syllabi and dates visit



Anonymous said...

Sir..I'm safiya from Mangalore. I have enrolled for PhD at Mangalore University, Dept of Mass Communication and Journalism
i have been visiting your blog from long time.. it is very useful for students like me.. every now n then i check your blog to keep me updated, also introduced my other fellow mates.

i need ur personal email id sir.. nowhere i found ur id.. i wanted your valuable suggestion for my research topic

Anonymous said...

my email id is

please give ur personal contact details

u may not be knowing how gratefully u r helping students like me through your blog with constant updates

Nidhi Shendurnikar said...

hi safiya, this is nidhi from m.s. university of baroda in gujarat. i am also enrolled for phd. i too follow sir's blog and agree with you that it is extremely useful to students like us.

Kiran Thakur said...

Dear Nidhi and Safiya,
Thanks for your comments. This gives me an idea. Will it help if research scholars for PhD and MPhil exchange experiences, problems, and share ideas? I will be happy if you use this blog as a meeting point.

Daivata Chavan-Patil said...

Indeed it is a great idea sir, can we open a forum or group where PhD students from all over India meet and share their experiences, topics, problems, resources virtually?

Nidhi Shendurnikar said...

yes sir, i think that it is a great idea as daivata has said ..we can have a virtual forum of sorts and can exchange our views and ideas regarding media and communications research...i am all for it!

sanjay varma said...

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