Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New book 'The Essential Art of Communication: Lessons from the Epics & Digital Interactions.'

Dr Hema Hirlekar has come out with a book 'The Essential Art of Communication: Lessons from the Epics & Digital Interactions.' I believe this new title should be of interest to communication researchers, teachers, and students besides lay readers of Hindu scriptures.

She has to her credit doctorate in Communication from University of Pune's Department of Communication and Journalism.
Her books include ‘On the verge of life and death’, a book on medical cases, translation of Shivchhatrapati, ‘Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music’.

In her new book, Dr Hirlekar has dealt with the following broad topics:

Part I: Let's Talk Well! (Pages 17 to 89)
She has discussed Hanuman as Communicator, Tapaswini Sulabha's suggestions for Proper Speech, Epic Lessons in Today's World
Part II: Let's Talk Business (pages 93 to 167)
This section discusses Corporate Scenario, Lessons from the Military adapted to the Corporate World, Change Communications, and Work Communication.

Total pages:191

ISBN 978-81-7806-321-8
Publisher: UNICORN BOOKS, www.unicornbooks.in, info@unicornbooks.in
F-2/16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002

Price: Rs. 196.00

Dr Hema Hirlekar's e-mail: hemahirlekar@gmail.com 

About the author - Dr. Hema Hirlekar
Hema has worked in field of communication for over 25 years in a multitude of roles. A copywriter in advertising agencies, a freelance journalist covering a variety of subjects and issues, a corporate publications consultant for engineering multinationals, a documentation executive for an engineering software firm, a communication consultant for an IT company providing high-productivity problem-solving software products, writing policy manuals, user manuals, engineering educational content for math-modelling.
Hema has worked on both sides – inside multinational corporations and as an external communications consultant. This experience has given her a vision that sees beyond the obvious. That is why, she saw a great communicator in Hanuman!

About the book
The book is about modern communication principles contained in our epics – Ramayan and Mahabharat.
Ram’s analysis of Hanuman’s speech, when Ram and Lakshman meet Hanuman for the first time, explains what we call the Seven Cs of effective communication. Ramayan has the most effective communicator in the legendary Hanuman. Even Mahabharat gives some key guidelines about proper speech and interpersonal skills.
This book has connected these epic guidelines of successful communication with the digital age.


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