Thursday, 21 March 2013

Call for papers for Seminar at Solapur on “ Media and Society”

Dr. Ravindra Chincholkar has sent in the following announcement:

             Department of Mass Communication, School of Social Sciences, Solapur University, Solapur (Maharashtra) is organizing a National Seminar on the theme      
Media and Society’ on 25th and 26th April 2013.

The seminar is sponsored by ICSSR.

About the Seminar
India has been facing many problems in 21st century. Social Exclusion, Economic, developmental, environmental, educational issues and communal tensions inequality, discrimination, deprivation etc have adversely affected the progress of our country. During last few years India has faced many communal tensions, social exclusion, economic problems, natural calamities etc. The responsibility of media in such situation becomes very important.
 Media plays an important role in the dissemination of information and knowledge to the society and guides them regarding how to solve these social issues. Media shapes views, beliefs and attitudes of people about everything from soap to politics People trust on media and therefore most of their decisions are based on information given by media.
Today the number of mainstream media as well as new media has been increased but the main role of media to educate the people is forgotten. Now a day’s media does not playing its role as watchdog of the society in the form of fourth estate.  The coverage of media concentrated only on cricket, cinema and celebrities. The media has forgotten its basic social responsibilities. Media professionals are worried only for TRP, advertisements, circulation and profits. A large number of newspapers and news channels in the country are played an irresponsible role while covering social issues.
 The present day situation demands vibrant and more responsible media. This seminar aims to discuss all important social issues before us and to discuss the view of media covering these issues. This seminar will discuss on what should be the role of print, electronic and new media in present scenario and will try to give some suggestions.

1.     Social Exclusion and Media

2.     Economic Issues and Media

3.     Developmental Issues and Media

4.     Environmental Issues and Media

5.     Gender Issues and Media

6.     Communal Issues and Media

7.     Tourism Development and Media

Important Dates
Abstract Submission: (In 500 words)
05 th April, 2013
Announcement of results:
08th April, 2013
Full paper submission:
15th April, 2013
E-mail Adress for sending Abstracts/full papers

Registration Fee:
The registration fee is Rs.1, 000 for faculty members, Rs.500 for Media persons and Rs.250 for students.  The registration fee covers seminar kit for faculty and media persons. Accommodation facility is available in the University Guest House. Those who prefer to stay outside can contact us to book rooms in hotels.
For More Details contact:
 Dr.G.s.Kamble                                                   Dr. Ravindra Chincholkar (09850248094)                                                            (09860091855)

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