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Call for papers for seminar in Delhi on “ CULTIVATING RESEARCH CULTURE IN MEDIA”

  Folloowing is the first call sent in by  Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat:

13-14, April, 2013, Malviya Bhavan, New Delhi


It gives me immense pleasure in  inviting you to the two day National Seminar on Cultivating Research Culture in Media to be organized on  April 13-14, 2013 at Malviya Bhavan, New Delhi. The details about the seminar are given  over leaf . Media Teachers , PR Practitioners, media managers, reporters, editors, Researchers, and the students of mass media education are invited to contribute their research papers, studies, findings, observations and opinion during this seminar. Early registration will facilitate in managing the seminar properly. Papers may be submitted in English or Hindi. Please send the registration form completed with required fee.

Note: Please attach your latest  bio data and achievements along with registration form so that your expertise can be utilized for various sessions .


                                                                        Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat
                                                                        Coordinator of the seminar
                                                                        Mobile: 09818387111

 Call for Research Papers:
Research papers from eminent scholars, teachers, researchers and media professionals, students and individuals are invited on the main and the sub themes of the seminar.
Abstract submission (Maximum  250 words)         14 March ,2013
Full Paper submission ( Max. 5000 words)             31 March, 2013
Intimation of acceptance                                          21 March, 2013

Research Paper Policy:
Margin Left 1.5,Right 1.0, Top 1.0, Bottom 1.0 , Line to line space 1.5  inches.
Font size 12pt . Times New Roman, Heading size 14 pt. Bold, Italic Times New Roman, Foot notes font size 10 pt  Times New Roman, Space single
General comments, long historical background, Unnecessary comments should be avoided. Critical, analytical, evaluative, case studies, content analysis, in -depth interpretation  on / of  new facts are to be included in the research article. The articles will be reviewed by the Peer Review Committee called Academic Committee
Reference Writing:
Quotes: The quotes if used should be in the words of the author only. Comments should not be added to the quotation. The quoted statement should be written “----“ and be numbered as 1,2,3, etc.
Citation pattern : The citation in the end of the paper should be based on the BIS /International pattern.  Examples:
For Books: Surname of the author, Forename/ Initial of the author. Title of the book. Year. Pages from- to. ( For quotation exact page number has to be written)
For Article:   Surname of the author, Forename/ Initial of the author. Name of the journal in short ( Like J of journal, Int. for international, Ind for Indian, Pro. for proceedings) .
Submission of research Paper: The research paper should be written in  MS Word or MS Office, spell checked, justified . The article should be confined to 5000 words maximum
Seminar fee:
Faculty                                                                        Rs.500
Research Students ( M Phil, Ph D )                Rs.300
 P G Students                                                  Rs.200
Media Persons & Others                                 Rs.200
Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat                                 Prof. B S Nigam
Coordinator                                                     Mobile- 09312352628

The demand draft should be made in , Registrar, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication  payable at NOIDA
Organizing Committee
Prof. B K Kuthiala, Honorable Vice Chancellor                            Chairman
Prof. Ramdev Bharadwaj, Rector                                                           Member     
Jagdish Upasane, Director, Noida Campus                                             Member
Prof. B S Nigam, Noida Campus                                                            Co-coordinator
Dr. Chander Sonane, Registrar                                                                Member
Dr. S K Singh,Head, Dept .of Audio Visual, Bhopal                                         Member
Pushpender Pal Singh, Head of the Department, Journalism, Bhopal     Member
Dr. Pavitra Shrivastava, Head, Department, Public Relations, Bhopal   Member
Sanjay Diwedi, Head , Department, Mass Communication, Bhopal                  Member
Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat, ,  Noida Campus                                             Coordinator
Proposed themes :
1.Application  of Research in Journalism-Developing concepts, Emerging areas of research, Academic  research jargons ,Emerging research tools, Various methodologies
2.Audience Research :Concept Audience ,Methodology, Tools and techniques
3.Research Based Reporting: Background research, Impact of the event ,Observation and Interview methods
4.Communication Research as a Tool of  Reporting :Evaluation of projects and development, Investigation in the process of implementation, Impact on the society, Reporting skills 
5.Communication Research and Content Generation  :Deriving concepts from the conclusions, Substantiation of the concepts-i.e. additions, Assessing the impact
6.Opinion Polls ( Janmat Survekshan): Sociology of Indian Voters, Faulty methods during opinion polls, Exit polls and validity, Use of Psephological  Principles
7.Content Analysis:: Categorization of contents, Developing methodologies, Examination of contents, Evaluation, Deriving conclusions
8.Academic Communication Research: Peeping into new areas of ACR, Sizing the population- European and Indian standards, Research Designing, Standardization of Questionnaires,  On-line data collection and its dangers , Appropriation and interpretation techniques
9.Research in  New Media: Limitations of the new media research, Techniques and technologies for the N M R, Language and other barriers,  Copyright and authenticity issues
10.Ethics in Media Research ( Media Shodh ki Achar Sahinta): Use of secondary data  and acknowledgements, Literature survey and original work., Appropriation and misappropriations., Role of research councils, association and organizations.
11.Feed forward, Feedback & Evaluation Studies
12.Role and Impact Studies
13..Readability Studies
14.Media Persons’ Profile Studies
15.Media Structure, Content, Production  & Distribution Studies
16. Ownership Pattern Studies
17.Advertising Studies
18.Public Relations and Corporate Studies
19. Research in traditional Media
20. Theory Building through Research
13-14, April, 2013, Malviya Bhavan, New Delhi


Dr. Arun Kumar Bhagat
Coordinator, (NSCRCM)
Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of
Journalism and Communication,
C 56 A / 5, Sector 62,
NOIDA- 201301,


            Kindly enroll me as a participant in the proposed national seminar. My details are as under:

  1. Name in block letters--------------------------------------------------------
  2. Designation---------------------------
  3. Teaching / Professional Experience ---------years
  4. Area of Specialization------------------------
  5. Institution where serving-----------------------------------
  6. Address for Communication--------------------------------------------

Demand Draft No.---------------------------Date--------------- Amount--------------
Name of the issuing bank---------------------------------------Place---------------------

I require / do not require accommodation

                                                                                    Signature of the candidate

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