Thursday, 14 February 2013

All-India Essay competition India: ‘A Functioning Anarchy’?

All-India Essay competition
India: ‘A Functioning Anarchy’?

Pune- FLAME School of Communication (FSC) has organised an all-India Essay Writing competition for under-graduate and post-graduate students on ‘India: ‘A Functioning Anarchy?’
The winners will be awarded prizes of Rs 10,000, Rs. 7000, and Rs. 5000.
The FSC dean, Prof Achyut Vaze, has said the competition is to seek the perspective of the young generation on the views of a leading economist who has described India as a functioning anarchy.
Some critics maintain that events since year 2012 support his view, if one considers how the ruling and opposition parties at the Centre and in the states functioned.
The participants of the FLAME Essay Challenge are expected to suggest agenda of the political parties for the next general election in 2014 if the country has to survive through the ‘functional anarchy? '
Details of the competition are available at --

Prof Achyut Vaze
Dean, FLAME School of Communication 

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