Tuesday, 4 September 2012

PhD theses synopsis of Indian scholars for students and teachers

I intend to try to provide abstract/synopsis of doctoral theses in Communication, Journalism, and other related domains. The idea is to help to doctoral scholars and media teachers to know what is being studied elsewhere in India.

This, I presume, will help them offer ‘Indian’ references in their studies/research papers. I request all of you to please mail softcopy of synopsis in MS Word file (Times New Roman, 12 point, single space) with the PhD scholar’s photograph, Guide’s name, the name of the University and date of award of PhD degree by the University.

I have already posted the first post at http://mediasceneindia.blogspot.in/2012/09/what-makes-news-in-indian-media_4.html  

Let me please know if this effort is worthwhile. Will it be useful?

Kiran Thakur


Mahesh Vijapurkar said...

Should be useful. Good idea.

ACP Tripathi said...

Thanks for your initiative and efforts in this direction. These posts will be quite useful for all the researchers. Further, it will acknowledge the subjectivity of mass communication research in India.

Nidhi Shendurnikar said...

This will be very useful sir all researchers across the country as this will generate a platform for sharing of research ideas and resources.