Sunday, 20 May 2012 launched

Dr. Nandini Lakshmikanth, Head of the Journalism Department at the Manipal University Bangalore Campus, has proudly announced the launch a website put by her students. Let us compliment the students for the initiative.

Shravan Regret Iyer, one of the editors of the website, has the following details: 

“We regret our inability to publish….This is one of those standard sentences that one receives upon contributing to the media. Sadly, many Journalism students often cringe at such repeated rejection or quit the profession in disgust. The need to provide a platform for all the journalism students to share their works is vital. is one such platform that allows the budding journalists to share their works. This website was launched by renowned literary critic and writer L S Sheshagiri  Rao; Kannada writer, researcher and historian Dr M Chidananda Murthy, and chairman of the Karnataka Janapada Academy (KJA), Mr. Channabasappa along with Manipal University Bangalore Campus director, Dr. Thammaiah Chekkera in Press Club Bangalore on May 15, 2012.

About The Students’ Post:

As students of journalism, we (Shravan Regret Iyer, Tajinder Pal Singh Walia and Pranav Kohli) wanted to create something that would help and encourage budding journalists and give them exposure at the same time; something that would be ‘of the students, by the students, for the students’.

The Students’ Post (TSP) started about 2 and half months ago, on 28 February to be precise (That was the day we registered the domain for the website.)

Through The Students’ Post, we focus on issues pertaining to consumerism, commodification and corruption and also organise intelligent debates on them. Issues like Nuclear Energy, Gender Inequality, Female Foeticide and Infanticide, Child Sexual Abuse, Closet Racism, Farmer Suicides, Digital Divide etc are given more prominence. 
The Environment is another issue that we are passionate about. Though media has given Environmental Issues its share of coverage, it has been observed that these issues are not taken up with the zeal and passion with which we follow the exploits of our favourite celebrity! At The Students’ Post, we see the Environmental Crisis as an inter-generational issue as the previous two generations have practically destroyed the balance of nature. 
The website apart from news also provides articles on trekking and hiking, previews and reviews on movies from bollywood & hollywood, books to read and so on.

The website also has a category named ‘KNOWLEDGE BASE’ where the skilled students can share their knowledge, posting tutorials on REPORTING & WRITING, DESIGN & PRINT, PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM MAKING giving information on how they went about their own projects and assignments etc. In KNOWLEDGE BASE TSP will also have professionals and teachers contributing as well.


Tajinder Pal Singh Walia is the editor of Technology and Creative Corner

Shravan Regret Iyer is the editor of Environment and Urban and Rural Affair 

Pranav Kohli is the editor of International Affairs and Lifestyle.


I urge you to visit the site and send in your comments, and also encourage your students to contribute. Kiran Thakur

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