Saturday, 26 May 2012

Creative Media Course in Bangalore

Prof K. Murali Mohan Kati has notified the following:

Baduku Community College, Bangalore, has announced a course in CREATIVE MEDIA.  The course is a 6 months Certificate course. 
The course is committed to developing young people from disadvantaged, underprivileged and underdeveloped regions into influencing the profession of journalism and media work through peace and development reporting. Peace and development reporting uses media work to empower poorer, excluded, regions and communities to tell their stories, to enhance and enjoy the rights to information, basic opportunities and facilities for human development, clean governance and democracy, ecological sustainability and conflict free environment. Investigative journalistic projects for peace and development use and produce print, radio and visual materials to enquire into the above aspects for social responsibility and public interest. I am happy to attach for you the brochure of the course.

The Course participation selection has been committed to diversity and has given priority to students from underprivileged regions of Karnataka, and underprivileged socio-economic and gender backgrounds, with an objective to develop both perspectives and skills for socially relevant journalism and media work. 

Using a multidisciplinary and multimedia approach the course has sought to provide perspectives in the areas of critical thinking, democracy, human  development, moving image, technology, sustainability, media laws, environmental and social justice,research, investigative reporting. It has also provided intensive skill training in  visual media and basic skills in writing. 

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