Monday, 9 January 2012

National conference in Pune on Technology, Communication and Culture

Prof Dr Madhavi Reddy, head, Department of Communication studies University of Pune 
has sent me the following: 
A national conference on 
 Technology, Communication and Culture
  Department of Communication Studies, University of Pune is organizing
National Seminar on “Technology, Communication and Culture 
in Pune from March 8 to10, 2012.

About the Conference:
Technology has always been considered as a great determinant of societal changes. While the popular perception generally tends to give technology the status of the most critical factor for a variety of social and cultural changes, the academic response has- besides following this view with more qualifications- also included a minority view of technology itself being shaped by social and cultural milieu. Whether one takes up the discussion in popular domain or academic, whether one follows technological determinism or cultural, there is unanimity about one position- the relationship between technology and culture remains complex but irrefutable.
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Contact details:

Seminar Co-ordinator - Mr. Vishram Dhole:
Head of Department - Dr. Madhavi Reddy:
Telephones 020 - 25696348 / 49

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