Tuesday, 13 December 2011

columnist/ good tech review writer required

I have received the following from a consultancy that is looking for a columnist/ good tech review writer 

Proposal Editor' - TL
 A Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Communications, or a related discipline. Master’s degree in English would be preferred.
 Minimum of 6 + years of experience as a proposal editor or writer for Software Company, applying the rules of US /global English; understanding of IT software lifecycle will be highly preferred
 Excellent command of the US/global version of the English language and its application, both written and verbal.
 Highly developed interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate with technical writers, peers, and Subject Matter Expert (SMEs).
 Previous experience in developing and documenting department-level style and applying it to documentation; a highly developed knowledge of style guide principles.
 A high level of competence with industry-standard technical writing tools, including, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Acrobat. Familiarity with other standard office environment software tools, including Microsoft Office.
 Excellent cross-discipline communication skills.
 Strong problem solving and decision-making abilities
 Significant experience with file-management and version-control systems

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