Thursday, 7 October 2010

Writing science in simple language

 Mahesh Vijapurkar tells us today:
Writing on the Nobel Prize for physics to two Russian-born researchers, the New York Times explained (on October 5, 2010) what Graphene, a the kind of carbon. In One paragraph, the paper said it all  thus:

"Graphene is a form of carbon in which the atoms are arranged in a flat hexagon lattice like microscopic chicken wire, a single atom thick. It is not only the thinnest material in the world, but also the strongest: a sheet of it stretched over a coffee cup could support the weight of a truck bearing down on a pencil point."

Hard to find such simple explanation for so complex a thing for the ordinary reader.

Shall we ever manage to find such writing in India in English language newspapers?
Good point Mahesh and Thanks!

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