Tuesday, 19 October 2010

National Conference on Ethical Issues and Indian Media at Salem

 Dr V Natarajan has sent in the following announcement:
National Conference on Ethical Issues and Indian Media

Nov 26 & 27 2010
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Periyar University,  Salem, Tamil Nadu
In association  with Association of Communication Teachers of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry 

A two day conference on Ethical Issues and Indian Media is being organised to provide an opportunity for journalism and communication teachers and students to explore issues related to media content vis a vis their ethical dimensions and implications. Research and review articles are invited on the following themes.

1.News vs Paid News
2.What Ails Television Journalism: Political Ownership or Corporate Ownership?
3.News and Views: Blurring/Non-existent Boundaries of Content Categories
4.Fiction as News and Propaganda as 'Truth' in Contemporary Vernacular Newspapers
5.Invasion of Privacy: Bloodied Victims of Accidents and Murders in News Photographs
6.Caste, Religion and other Markers of Conflict of Interests in Journalism
7.Inter-Media Rivalry and News Blackouts
8.The Implications of Cross Media Ownership for Audience, Democracy and Civil Society
9.Let the Players Decide the Rules: Ethical Issues in the Absence of a Modern Media Regulatory Framework
10.Culture and Language Specific Ethical Issues in Tamil Nadu/South India
11.Western and Eastern Approaches to Media Ethics
12.What Ails Vernacular Versions of Investigative Journalism?
13.Case Studies of Ethical Violations by National and Local Media: Kargil War, Mumbai Blasts, Gujarat Riots, Nitahari Murders, Nithyanada Video etc.,
14.The Kantian/Thiruvalluvar's Philosophy of Ethics and Media
15.Indian Media's Coverage of Srilankan Tamil Genocide: The Ethical Downsides of Propaganda as News in Tamil and English News Media.
16.Privacy Issues and Sting Journalism
17.The Ongoing Politics of 'Little Magazines' in Tamil: Ethics Gone Astray?
18.Stars, Fans and Tamil Cinema: The Ethical Violations in Tamil Popular Culture
19.Ethical Issues of Neighbourhood/Downtown Newspapers, Citizen Journalism and Other 'Alternative' Variants of Mainstream Journalism
20.Ethical Issues in Online Journalism

Important Dates:
Submission of Abstracts and Letter of Willingness to Attend : Oct.25, 2010
Note of Acceptance/Non-Acceptance from the Organisers : Nov 01,2010
Submission of Full paper (hard and soft copies) : Nov 15, 2010
Note: Papers submitted after these dates will not be considered. Papers will be subject to the process of peer review. APA is the preferred citation style. A select list of papers will be published after the second blind peer review.Abstracts shall not exceed 250 words and papers shall be in the range of 4000-6500 words.

Registration fees:
Teachers, media practitioners, conference participants : Rs 1,000
Submission of papers only without attending conference : Rs 500
Members of ACT-TNP (to be paid to ACT-TNP) : Rs 750
Stipendiary research scholars : Rs 750
PhD and MPhil research scholars [non stipendiary] : Rs 500
Master and Bachelor programmes' students : Rs 300
Dr V Natarajan
Organising Secretary

National Conference onEthical Issues and Indian Media
Nov 26 & 27 2010

Professor and Head
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
Periyar University, Salem 636 011 Tamil Nadu India

e-mail: vainatarajan@gmail.com

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