Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rajasthan Patrika’s initiative: Media Action Lab

Shipra Mathur has sent in the following, which deserves attention from journalists and media educators:
I am aware that being a part of media education fraternity it is a concern that media initiates active engagement into society affairs using its positive powers to influence and mobilize people and representatives for right action.
I am pleased to convey that Rajasthan Patrika has set up a Media Action Lab for promoting socio editorial campaigns with research and action intent. Presently the projects underway are NREGA, MLA performance and several are in the planning stage. We have also launched a Rural Citizen Journalist concept in all the constituencies of Rajasthan, the process of selection and delegation of tasks is also in the conduit. Hope with your active support we are able to contribute to the society with visible impact.
If any one of you wishes to have a glimpse of the campaign or willing to know the concept and our intent we are open to sharing.
If your students, with research and development interests, wishes to be a part of the learning group, you can recommend appropriate names.
Shipra Mathur
Division Head
Media Action Lab
Rajasthan Patrika
JLN Marg, Kesargarh, Jaipur, Rajasthan
0141-39404142 ( rp office) extn 5653
0141- 3005653 ( direct)
official e mail:

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