Thursday, 22 March 2018

Email Account of Media School Head Hacked

Email account of a senior journalist colleague and now Head of a media school has been hacked. I (and others like me) received the following message:

I am presently outside the country. Just got to know from a senior colleague of mine that her daughter is to undergo surgery (C/S) and they are already short of funds. Sorry to be bothering you with this, but obviously there's no one or nothing to turn to at this point. She has been a mentor throughout my academic life and I would not turn my back on someone who has been a mother figure. I have asked and the hospital would only proceed once a bank transfer has been validated by their bank. 
I have tried using my internet banking options with ICICI Bank but the system keeps denying the transaction probably because I'm outside India and can not get the OTP for the transfer. Please I will need you to help me with the transfer through immediate payment service (IMPS) or (via bank deposit or RTGS / NEFT) from your end as a loan and I shall have the money returned once I am back home by the evening of Mar. 26th (Monday). I will like to know if you can help with this so I can send the required details.
P.S.  Required funds for the surgery amounts to Rs 37,800/- (But please transfer Rs 40,000/- just in case of miscellaneous).

I cross-checked through colleagues using a couple of calls.  It was confirmed that everything was fine.
I asked the victim of the hacking to change the password to her email account. 

It now appears that some others have received the similar messages.

Please pass on the alerts to your groups and individual contacts. 

Kiran Thakur 

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