Thursday, 13 July 2017

Update on the volume on our departments

Dear colleagues,
I am very happy to inform you about the response to Prof. Sanjay Ranade's concept to bring out a volume on the Departments of Communication and Journalism, Media school. and Communication studies. About 20 former/present heads have already sent their articles of about 2500 words each. 

Some colleagues wrote to me saying that they have not received any invite/request to write the articles of their departments. 

Let me tell you today that this is a voluntary effort. There was no personal invitation to any one. We have sent emails/whatsapp messages, and blog posts outlining the concept. The media teachers responded to these messages because they liked the idea.

I have already sent you the names those who wrote their articles or have promised to mail theirs by July 24. Please read their names in the messages of July 7. There are new names such as Prof. Dr. Madhavi Reddy (Communication Studies, University of Pune who yesterday promised me to write her article within the next week.

For those who have not received the message, please read

Awaiting your response to this request.

Kiran Thakur



Respected Sir

I will contribute the article with in a week time.

ravindra chincholkar said...

Respected sir,
I will submit article within given time.
- Dr. Ravindra Chincholkar,Dept. of Mass Communication, Solapur University, Solapur