Friday, 31 March 2017

Reporting from Jail


I am delighted to inform you about the launch of another book by Delhi-based journalist and journalism teacher. The author,
Dr. Vartika Nanda, has penned this book after a thorough investigation in the wake of her study on prison reforms. The book, Tinka Tinka Dasna,  deals with human rights, prisons and the media.

She has been working on prison reforms for the last few years. Dasna is a prison in Uttar Pradesh. ders. Written after intensive research and hard work, the book is one of its kind, narrating stories of those who are redefining  themselves while serving imprisonment. This book is an authentic media and literary report on jails trying to create space behind bars for the enlightenment and creativity of the inmates.  The book, split in nine parts, is a reportage which contains a journalist, a narrator, a plot, a poem and a truth.
Another salient feature of this book is the poems composed by two prisoners who are household names and convicts in the infamous AarushiTalwar murder case. Rajesh and NupurTalwar in their poems have penned their experiences, which has so far been turbulent. The English version of this book has been translated by NupurTalwar. 
Her earlier book, Tinka Tinka Tihar, is already in the Limca Book of Records.

The book is available on Amazon.



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