Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Rethinking Journalism

Following Prof. Subhash Dhuliya:

We sincerely believe that a serious debate needs to be initiated with the objective of rethinking journalism and underlining its societal role and public relevance in the current digital age. Technological advancement gives shape to the production, distribution and consumption of journalism. 

Putting people in context one needs to assert where journalism fits in their lives and needs. Do they need journalists or just content managers? 

Ideally journalism should contribute to common concerns, create an informed citizenry and debate on crucial issues. One needs to ask the all important question - is that happening? 

The proposed debate would, apart from discussing these issues, also focus on the impact of technology and economics on journalism. 

Newswriters.in invites your valuable comments on how such a debate could and should be generated. The editors would be grateful if you also incorporated a short bio-note with your comment. 

Newswriters.in is a non-profit organisation run by a group of experienced and concerned media persons.

Prof. Subhash Dhuliya
School of Journalism and New Media Studies
Indira Gandhi National Open University
New Delhi-110068
Mobile: 9312266340
Alternative email: sdhuliya@ignou.ac.in

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ashwini gundanna said...

Journalism has been undergoing a phenomenal change and it can be witnessed by every layman. It is growing beyond our control and also in terms of technological advancements. But at the same time, a matter of great concern is that Journalism is today drifting away from ethics and values. The social responsibility of the media is at loss and Journalism is becoming a glamorous area. The media is facing towards the urban elite and the development issues hardly get into the limelight. The young generation or budding journalists should be clearly made to understand that Journalism must include ethics, integrity, values and strive for betterment of society. A discussion which enables the young minds to understand the real essence of Journalism should be a welcoming thing. Students and the professionals of Journalism along with faculty can be brought together to discuss on varied issues of media.