Tuesday, 2 February 2016

National Conference on Media: Society & Culture in Aurangabad

Following from Prof Dr Rekha Shelke:

One Day National Conference   28th February, 2016
“Media: Society & Culture”

Organized by
College of Journalism & Mass Communication &Dr. V. L. Dharurkar Research Student Committee

Einstein Hall, J.N.E.C. Campus, Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Aurangabad

About College
MGM's College of Journalism and Mass Communication was established in 1993 by Mahatma Gandhi Mission Trust in affiliation with Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. Since its inception, the institute has relentlessly been working towards carving a professional out of a student. CJMC was founded on the firm understanding that dependency on the new age of media communication increasing in 21st century there by levying the onus on media schools to create skilled media professionals for media industry.
About Conference
Media is fourth estate in democracy and it has become powerful weapon of change. The socio-cultural phenomenon of mass communication has still remained unexplored. Hence, all these facets will be a main concern of this seminar.
                This seminar has been organized to felicitate Prof.  V. L. Dharurkar, UGC Emeritus  Professor & Head of the Dept. of Mass Communication & Journalism, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (MS). During last four decades he has contributed a great deal in media research both on National and International Level.
                Media, society and culture is a significant phenomenon which is linked together and it requires inter disciplinary approach. Hence, this seminar is mainly focused on Mass Communication Research. Further social sciences such as history, sociology, economics, political science as well as sports can also be included in this seminar.
Media is an essential social institution and it has also been described as an engine of social change. The metamorphosis of media in sociological view point is a soul of communication sociology. All aspects about media's social responsibility can be broadly included here.
                 There is need to conduct serious discussion on media and culture relationship. Further inter-cultural communication is also an emerging discipline in the mass communication studies. Hence, in this seminar serious discussion on “Media and Cultural Studies” will also be conducted.

1.            Media & Social Change
2.            Media & Development
3.            Media & Democracy
4.            Media & Political Economy
5.            Media in the age of globalization
6.            Media & Ideology
7.            Media & Political Culture
8.            Media & Women Empowerment
9.            Media & Eradication of Superstition
10.          Media & Scientific Temper
11.          Media & Spiritual awakening
12.          Media & Religion
13.          Media & Caste system
14.          Media & metaphysics
15.          Media & Cultural life
16.          Media & Yoga
17.          Media & e-commerce
18.          Media & Entrepreneurship 

Paper Submission Guidelines
                The participants are requested to send their research papers in any one language from English/Marathi/Hindi (not more than 1000 words).
                For English Times New Roman font size 12, for Marathi & Hindi font APS-DV Priyanka or SHREE-DEV7-0714, font size 14, Type in Adobe PageMaker or MS Word as per the above format. Paper should be sent on hard and soft copy on E-mail ID:  
cjmcconf@gmail.com / shelkerekha@gmail.com / drdmbhosle@gmail.com 
Important dates
Last Date of paper Submission   - 20th Feb, 2016
Conference Date                             - 28th Feb, 2016

Registration Fees
Delegates                                            - Rs. 1000/-        
Research Students                          - Rs. 500/-
Journalism Students                       -  Rs. 300/-

Dr. Rekha Shelke (08308833898)                                                                Dr. Gani Patel (09422716028)

Organizing Committee
Dr. D. M. Bhosle (09422206235)                                                                 Dr. Asha Deshpande (09823042003)
Dr. Pratap Patil (09822119494)                                                                    Mr. Sanjay Shinde (09404024040)
Mr. Sanjay Paikrao (09673786238)                                                            Dr. Prabhu Gore 
Dr. Ravi Suryvanshi (09371236594)           

Paper should be Submitted on  E-mail ID :

These Research papers will be published in  “Media Messenger”, A bilingual Research Journal  with  ISSN - 2455-2046 (July 2016 issue)

MGM College of Journalism & Mass Communication
N-6, CIDCO, MGM Campus, Aurangabad-431003
Ph. No: 0240-2480490 / 6454162


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