Sunday, 7 June 2015

Guidelines for Research Publications of University of Pune

Thanks to my colleague at FLAME University, Prof. Manoj Kumar, I am now in a position to tell you that the University of Pune has placed its entire report on home of the university's website 

Do please read, comment and circulate the report among teachers and researchers known to you.

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Kiran Thakur

(Here is what Prof Manoj Kumar said in his mail:

PFA full report of a Committee appointed by the Pune university to design guidelines for the research publications. The mandate of the committee was to come up with guidelines so as to discourage its faculty members from taking short cuts by resorting to publishing in small online open-access/money-making journals and other such periodicals published by the dubious/spurious/bogus/predatory publishers.

A news item about the report is shared by Prof. Kiran Thakur on his blog:

Hope this may interest you.
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