Friday, 19 December 2014

Gandhi Fellowship: full time residential fellowship

Following from Dr. Sundar Rajdeep, HoD, DoCJ, University of Mumbai:


I am writing to you on behalf of Gandhi Fellowship, a full time residential fellowship. It is a 2 year leadership program designed for the inspired and inventive youth of India. It provides youth a first-hand experience of social change and develops leadership skills in the process. We at Gandhi Fellowship are training youth to become future nation builders to solve the pressing problems we face today.

We have begun our requirement drive for the batch of 2015–2017. The fellowship is conceptualized in a manner where a fellow goes through an outer as well as an inner journey of change.


The fellow works with 5 Government Schools and their local communities, 5 Headmasters, 50 Teachers and 500 Children bringing about sustainable and visible enhancement in both the systems of school and quality in learning it delivers.


The deeper change is however something that happens within them. The program is designed for young people to systematically build the competencies of a LEADER. The fellowship provides a context and support for practical, grassroots experiential learning which deepens their understanding of existing systems; challenge their own abilities to find solutions and bring forth their own rigor and perseverance and leading change.

Gandhi Fellowship is a programme for those who are prepared to go on a journey of inner and outer transformation. A programme designed to unearth and mould from among the dreamers and doers in the youth - the nation builders of the future. A platform where the best young minds, deal with the problems of the times that are worth solving. The Fellowship challenges fellows over the course of a two year residential program to work with primary school headmasters to transform their schools. In the process, Fellows discover what they want to do with their own lives and how to go about converting their ideas into reality.

During the 2 years of the Fellowship, the fellows will be assigned 5 schools each. The fellows have to bring about a significant transformation in these schools. The 2 years are divided into four semesters. The program starts with an induction and immersion into the school and village context. And with each semester, the fellows get deeper into the challenges of the school and resolve them successfully. These 2 years have been interspersed with daily peer reviews, expert reviews, personal reflection workshops, field visits to social organizations, vipassana meditation retreats, reflective reading etc., which help the fellows evolve and develop critical leadership skills.

Financial Support: The fellows will receive a stipend of Rs. 14, 000 per month throughout their 2-years and they must cover their basic living costs with their stipend. The fellows are given a mobile allowance of Rs 600 every month, shared motor bikes, desktop/tablet/laptop, cost of water and electricity charges, rent and services of the cook are also borne by the organization.

We would also request you to kindly identify the students who would be interested in this presentation with a special focus on the final year students. The first years are most welcome to attend the talk as it would also consist a section concept of being our 'fellowship ambassador'.

For further details kindly visit the link-

We would request you to identify a slot for the purpose of a presentation and recruitment of the fellowship for students from your college. Kindly help us with a slot for a presentation with your students after their semester examination. Looking forward to your cooperation and support.

Warm Regards,

Prerna Aneja
Marketing & Recruitment
Gandhi Fellowship
Ph: +91 9820001127

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