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ACMC International Conference in Hong Kong November 13 to 15, 2014

Following from Prof.(Dr.) Biplab Loho Choudhury

13,14,15 November 2014,
The City University of Hong Kong

“Media, Communication, Culture and the Dynamics of Change”
2014  ACMC International Conference
in partnership with the
Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong

As technology continues to develop, platforms of communication and paradigms of communicating are changing at a faster rate than ever before. From linear to non-linear, from single levels of engagement to multi-level structures that can prove challenging in the delivery of the message. McLuhan’s dictum “the media is the message,” has become the mantra of the new media even as communication channels continue to shift from the traditional mass media to the Internet and to mobile media.  

At the same time, the development of a whole new virtual world – from virtual offices to virtual classrooms to virtual stores – are changing the way people work, study and do business. Theoretically, we can have multiple identities with more communication taking place online than our daily face-to-face interactions.  New virtual community groups have taken shape, forming a generation of members defined by their unique creative interests and special terminology for in-group communication. The theme of the 2014 conference seeks to address the challenges that emerging media pose to the study and use of media.

Indeed, what does this change mean for teaching communication and languages in the global virtual realm? How does one bridge the real world with the virtual in the teaching of communication and language? What should the universities’ priorities be? What steps should faculties take so as to be in tune with this fast paced development?  How can communication be planned, packaged and managed? What would the implications be for researchers of media studies and communication practitioners in Public Relations, Creative Industries and Advertising?

SUBSTREAMS include but are not limited to:
·         new media literacies
·         media innovations, influence and impact
·         ethnicity, race and religion
·         media and gender
·         linguistics and the global classroom
·         language, identity, representation
·         advertising in the new media 
·         public relations in a digitized world   
·         crosscultural networking
·         media, human rights and empowerment
·         socio-cultural challenges and the new media
·         social media, social responsibility
·         new media ethics
·         health, disaster and environment
·          virtual world versus real world
·         gaming as communication

Abstracts due: MAY 20, 2014  
Abstract acceptance: (on or before) May 30, 2014
Full papers due: September 30, 2014
Participation payment due: September 30, 2014

Early Bird (on or before September 30, 2014) :
non-members               USD350
ACMC members           USD175 

Regular Rate: USD450
On-site Rate: USD550
Membership Rate (on-site): USD250
Undergraduate Student Rate: USD100 (attendance only)

Conference fees include participation fee and IC, lunches, coffee breaks, certificates and conference kits.

To be submitted via email <>.  Papers should NOT to be emailed to personal emails of ACMC officers or conference organizers.  

The conditions are as follows:
All submissions will undergo a blind review. You will be notified a month after submission of your paper if it qualifies for the conference and/or the ACMC Journal. Papers that do not qualify for publication in the Journal, may still be eligible for ORAL Presentation at the conference and will be published in the ACMC Online conference website.   
1. Indicate “Abstract Submission” in the subject line of your email
2. Email should contain the following:  
a. Conference Stream to which it belongs
b. Paper title
c.  Author name, position, institution   
d. Short biography of Author (100  150 words)
e.  Paper Abstract (300500 words)
Papers intended for the refereed stream should be academically rigorous (e.g. theoretically and methodologically sound, thoroughly researched and referenced) but also accessible to anyone interested in communication and its implications. Refereed articles will appear in the ACMC Online Conference proceedings that will be publicly accessible, and which provide a showcase of the

 relevance of ACMC and communication research to a wider audience, so please write clearly. Use plain English and, if you must use jargon, clearly explain its meaning. We reserve the right to edit your work should it be chosen for publication in the
ACMC Journal.

Full paper should be a Microsoft Word document. Resubmit title of the paper and an abstract of 150 300 words on the first page.

The body of the paper should be doublespaced, justified. Quotations should be in “double quotation marks” (not ‘single’) and paragraphs of cited text longer than 20 words should be indented. Please number all pages of your manuscript in the top right header.  

Word count: 4000 to 7000 words.  

Referencing: Papers must be referenced in the APA style. Information on the APA
style can be found at or at   

Registration: All presenters need to register to attend the conference. In the case of multiauthored papers, at least one of the listed authors must attend in order for the paper to be included in the ACMC 2014 Conference program.  

Disclaimer: Successfully refereed articles will be published online. It is authors╩╣  responsibility to ensure that articles and accompanying materials submitted for ACMC2014 are accurate, and are not offensive, defamatory, or otherwise injurious to any person or organization before submission. Authors should ensure that all ideas and work not their own are fully referenced. Authors are also responsible for ensuring that articles and accompanying charts, graphs, photographs, illustrations, trade literature, data, etc., are free of copyright or ownership restrictions and may be published online without encumbrance.


Please contact the Secretariat at or visit our website for more details and updates

Indian contact:

Prof.(Dr.) Biplab Loho Choudhury
Center For Journalism & Mass Communication
Visva - Bharati, Santiniketan
West Bengal, India
Country Director (India),
Asian Congress for Media & Communication (ACMC),

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