Saturday, 5 April 2014

How This Blogpost Was Useful

I reproduce this mail from Joseph Aloysius for the information to all our colleagues. I am really glad that the blog is useful to most of us who may not have otherwise received the info about the Poynter University workshop.

Thanks Mr Joseph for sharing the link that contains all the presentations and handouts. We have been publishing the blogposts with this spirit of sharing and collaborating:

Dear Dr. Kiran Thakur,
Greetings from Chennai! This Joseph Aloysius, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, Guru Nanak College Chennai. I am following your blog for quite a sometime. I find it very useful. Thank you so much for your valuable selfless service. I am also a freelance journalist for a magazine. 

I found the information on Poynter university Journalism workshop in your blog and registered. I got a chance to participate in Poynter Journalism training Workshop in Bangalore (Couldnt make it in Chennai). It was really very interesting . 

The main theme was " Strengthening Journalism in 21 century". They concentrated on journalism using digital tools, Ethics, Business collaboration and so on. They have shared all the presentations in PDF format. 

I thought, you may find it interesting and useful, so I am sharing the link. Here is a link to all the presentations and handouts.

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