Saturday, 21 December 2013

Conference on Commercialization of Media and Public service communication

Department of Mass Communication
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies
Soladevanahalli, Hesarghatta Road
Achit Nagar Post, Benagaluru- 560 107

Organizing a National conference on 
Commercialization of Media and Public service communication
30th and 31st January 2014

Special Talk by
Director General of AIR, Chief Executives officer-TAM,
Leading Ad Gurus and Film makers.

Your papers are invited

Proposed sessions
Session-01: Radio, Television, News Papers, Theatre, New media. Film and Folk Media
For Details contact: 9886394831, 9731725224, 9740777761 and 8105957469
1. Impact of commercialization on the Primary channels
2. Growth of FM: changing face of Radio
3. Changing revenue model for Radio
4. Is radio still the messiah of public service broadcasting

Session-02: Television
1. Myth and Reality of TAM
2. Are tele-serials still the channel Drivers
3. Booming of Reality shows: Their impact on other genres
4. Should there be legal regulation of contents of Private channels?
5. How Ethical are the news channels?

Session-03:  News Papers
1. Online newspapers and their impact on Readership
2. Citizen journalism in the context of expanding social media networking
3. Shrinking news content in newspapers
4. Impact of 24X7 news channels on News coverage in Print medium
5. Implications of FDI on Print media

Session-04:  THEATRE
1. Growth of commercial Television and its impact on theatre.
2. The current trend on Theatre and their impact on drawing audience.
3. Can TV be a Platform for promoting theatre
4. Is theatre also a prey for commercialization?

Session-05: New media
1. Can New Media be scoop media
2. Social marketing sites and changing life styles
3. Importance of Print Media vis-a-vis social networking sites
4. Emerging technologies in New media and their utility for media

Session-06: Film
1.  Vanishing social concerns in Film-A Critical analysis
2. Whither Parallel cinema
3. Compulsions of Film Making: Are classics on the way out

Session-07 Folk Media
1.        Status of Folk performing arts
2.       Folk music/Genres on Electronic Media
3.       Have folk arts lost the original rural aroma?
Dates to Note
Last date for Abstract submission : December 31st , 2013
Registration Fees:
Rs. 1000 For Faculty and Rs. 300 for Students

For more details contact:
Prof. Chandra Mouli: 9886394831,
Shantharaju s: 9731725224,
Premavathi: 9740777761,
Manasa K: 8105957469,
Mubeen K.Taj:7411720980,

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